Commercial Releases in 2003

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Madeleine ["Madeullen"]   Directed by Park Kwang-chun.  Screenplay by Sol Jun-seok.  A university student comes across a former classmate from his hometown school. They become reacquainted, and then decide to date each other, but only for one month.  Starring Jo In-sung, Shin Min-ah, Park Jeong-ah, Kim Soo-roh.  Cinematography by Kim Young-chul.  Produced by Free Cinema.  Distributed by Cinema Service.  Rating: 15+.  118 min.  January 10.

Double Agent Double Agent ["Yijung-gancheop"]   Directed by Kim Hyun-jeong.  Screenplay by Shim Hye-won, Baek Seung-jae, Kim Jung-haeng.  A North Korean spy defects to the South during the height of Cold War tension in the 1980s. At first, Southern intelligence agents are suspicious, but eventually they hire him to utilize his expertise.  Starring Han Suk-kyu, Ko So-young, Cheon Ho-jin.  Cinematography by Kim Seong-bok.  Produced by Koo& Film.  Distributed by Showbox.  Rating: 15+.  123 min.  January 23. (pictured right)

The Classic ["Keullaesik"]  Written and directed by Kwak Jae-yong.  A young university student finds a secret box filled with her mother's letters and a diary. Reading it, she learns of her mother's first love affair, a story which closely matches her own experience at the university.  Starring Son Yeh-jin, Cho Seung-woo, Jo In-sung, Lee Ki-woo, Im Yeh-jin.  Cinematography by Lee Jun-gyu.  Produced by EGG Films.  Distributed by Cinema Service.  Rating: 12+.  132 min.  January 30.


My Tutor Friend ["Donggapnaegi gwa-oe-hagi"]   Directed by Kim Kyung-hyung.  Screenplay by Park Yeon-seon.  A young university student working her way through school gets a job teaching a rich, spoiled high school senior who is the same age as her.  Starring Kim Ha-neul, Kwon Sang-woo, Kim Ji-woo, Gong Yu, Baek Il-seop, Kim Ja-ok.  Cinematography by Ji Gil-woong.  Produced by Corea Entertainment.  Distributed by CJ Entertainment.  Rating: 12+.  110 min.  February 7.

Blue ["Beul-lu"]   Directed by Lee Jung-gook.  Screenplay by Kim Hae-gon.  Two ship salvation officers become best friends while serving in the Korean Navy, but their love for a lieutenant named Soo-jin begins to pull them apart. When an emergency arises and they are faced with a dangerous rescue mission, their courage and friendship is put to the test.  Starring Shin Hyun-joon, Shin Eun-kyung, Kim Young-ho, Kong Hyung-jin, Ryu Su-young, Lee Il-jae, Kim Hae-gon.  Cinematography by Choi Ji-yeol.  Produced by Kang JeGyu Film and Zio Entertainment.  Distributed by A-Line.  Rating: 15+.  105 min.  February 7.

Scent of Love Scent of Love ["Gukhwa-kkot hyangi"]   Directed by Lee Jeong-wook.  Screenplay by Kim Hui-jae and Lee Jeong-wook.  A man falls in love with an older university classmate, but she rejects him. Years later, after her life is shattered by an unexpected accident, he gets another chance to win her heart.  Starring Jang Jin-young, Park Hae-il, Song Seon-mi, Kim Yu-seok.  Cinematography by Lee Hu-gon.  Produced by Taewon Entertainment.  Distributed by Cinema Service.  Rating: General.  109 min.  February 28. (pictured left)

Show Show Show ["Sho Sho Sho"]   Directed by Kim Jung-ho.  Screenplay by Kang Young-sook, Han Hui-jung.  A group of young men in 1970s Korea win a dilapidated old building while gambling, and they decide to turn it into one of Korea's first cocktail bars.  Starring Yu Jun-sang, Park Sun-young, Lee Seon-gyun, An Jae-hwan, Kim Se-ah, Choi Bo-eun, Kim Yong-gun.  Cinematography by Choi Jung-woo.  Produced by DoReMi Pictures.  Distributed by Aura Entertainment.  Rating: 15+.  105 min.  February 28.


Dying or Live ["Jugeullae sallae"]   Directed by Kim Do-young.  Screenplay by Kim Do-young, Lee Beom-shik, Yang Dong-soon.  A young man working in restaurant take-out, who always dreamed of being Bruce Lee, discovers that one of his customers is the man who killed his father.  Starring Kim Seung-hyun, Kwak Jin-young, Park Nam-hyun, Seong Hyun-ah, Jo Sang-gu, Hong Seok-cheon, Seo Jin-ho.  Cinematography by Ham In-ha, Lee Sung-seop.  Produced by  Distributed by Sinabro Entertainment.  Rating: 18+.  101 min.  March 7.

The First Amendment ["Daehanminguk heonbeop jeiljo"]  Directed by Song Kyung-shik.  Screenplay by Kim Jin-su, Choi Jong-tae.  A prostitute in a fiercely contested political district decides to run for office.  Starring Yeh Ji-won, Im Sung-min, Lee Moon-shik, Nam Jin, Choi Eun-ju, Anita, Kim Yong-gun.  Cinematography by Lee Dong-sam.  Produced by Hanmac Films.  Distributed by Cinema Service.  Rating: 18+.  108 min.  March 14.

My Teacher, Mr. Kim ["Seonsaeng Kim Bong-du"]   Directed by Jang Kyu-sung.  Screenplay by Jang Kyu-sung, Lee Won-hyung.  A corrupt middle school teacher is pressured to take a teaching position at a rural school with only five students, where he slowly develops a sense of idealism.  Starring Cha Seung-won, Byun Hee-bong, Seong Ji-ryu, Choi Min-ju, Lee Jae-eung, Lee Ji-eun, Kim Hong-gyun.  Cinematography by Kim Yoon-su.  Produced by Fun & Happiness.  Distributed by Cinema Service.  Rating: 12+.  117 min.  March 28.


Save the Green Planet! Save the Green Planet! ["Jigu-reul jikyeora!"]   Written and directed by Jang Jun-hwan.  A man on medication kidnaps a company president, believing him to be an alien who is laying the groundwork for an invasion of Earth.  Starring Shin Ha-kyun, Baek Yoon-shik, Hwang Jeong-min, Lee Jae-yong, Lee Ju-hyun, Ki Ji-bong.  Cinematography by Hong Kyung-pyo.  Produced by Sidus Corporation.  Distributed by CJ Entertainment.  Rating: 18+.  118 min.  April 4. (pictured left)

The Garden of Heaven ["Haneul-jeongwon"]   Directed by Lee Dong-hyun.  Screenplay by Lee Han.  A doctor at a hospice facility meets a makeup artist who is diagnosed with stomach cancer. Despite that they are fated to have little time left together, they start to develop feelings for each other.  Starring Lee Eun-ju, An Jae-wook, Son Jong-beom, Jeon Mu-song, Song Ok-sook, Shin Ui-young, Jo Hye-kyung.  Cinematography by Lee Seung-woo.  Produced by Do Son Dream Pictures.  Distributed by Showbox.  Rating: General.  95 min.  April 4.

A Little Monk ["Dong-seung"]   Directed by Joo Kyung-joong.  Screenplay by Joo Kyung-joong, Kim Cheon, and Kim Seon-mi.  Three monks live in a remote temple. The youngest boy dreams of discovering who his mother is, and becomes captivated with a woman who visits the temple. A man in his twenties struggles with his desires and the pull of the outside world. The elder monk, meanwhile, tries his best to discipline and lead his two disciples.  Starring Kim Tae-jin, Kim Min-kyo, Kim Yeh-ryung, Oh Young-su, Jeon Mu-song.  Cinematography by Choi Chan-gyu.  Produced by Spectrum Film Korea.  Distributed by Big Blue Film.  Rating: General.  99 min.  April 11.

Oh! Happy Day ["O! Haepi-dei"]   Written and directed by Yoon Hak-yeol.  A young woman falls in love at first sight with a man who works for Club Med. Breaking into his apartment the next day, she steals his appointment book and starts to stalk him.  Starring Jang Nara, Park Jung-chul, Jang Han-seon, Kim Hye-sook, Jung Da-hye, Jung Jae-yeon.  Cinematography by Kim Eung-taek.  Produced by HwangKiSung Films.  Distributed by Cinema Service.  Rating: 12+.  106 min.  April 18.

Jealousy Is My Middle Name ["Jiltu-neun na-ui him"]   Written and directed by Park Chan-ok.  A young writer loses his girlfriend to his editor at work. He then starts to develop feelings for a new colleague, but she as well falls to the editor's charms. The jealousy felt by the young man then starts to lead him in unexpected directions.  Starring Park Hae-il, Bae Jong-ok, Moon Sung-keun, Suh Young-hee, Choi Jin-young, Kong Ho-seok.  Cinematography by Park Yong-su.  Produced by Generation Blue Films.  Distributed by CJ Entertainment.  Rating: 15+.  125 min.  April 18.

Season in the Sun ["Boriul-ui yeoreum"]   Directed by Lee Min-yong.  Screenplay by Lee Man-hee.  In a small village, a Buddhist monk and a newly arrived Catholic priest each form children's soccer teams. As a friendship begins to develop between them, they decide to pit their teams against each other.  A drama starring Park Young-gyu, Cha In-pyo, Chang Mi-hee, Shin Ae.  Cinematography by Lee Byung-ho.  Produced by MP Entertainment.  Distributed by Aura Entertainment.  Rating: General.  110 min.  April 25.

Memories of Murder Memories of Murder ["Sarin-ui Chu-eok"]   Directed by Bong Joon-ho.  Screenplay by Bong Joon-ho and Shim Sung-bo.  From 1986 to 1991, a serial killer rapes and murders ten women in a small rural village in Gyeonggi Province. Two detectives -- one local, one from Seoul -- struggle to find the perpetrator. Based on a true story.  Starring Song Kang-ho, Kim Sang-kyung, Kim Roi-ra, Song Jae-ho, Park No-shik, Byun Hee-bong, etc.  Cinematography by Kim Hyung-gu.  Produced by Sidus Corp.  Distributed by CJ Entertainment.  Rating: 15+.  132 min.  April 25.  (pictured right)

Mr. Butterfly ["Nabi"]   Directed by Kim Hyun-sung.  Screenplay by Song Min-ho, Kim Hee-jae, Kim Hyun-sung.  In the 1980s, a man leaves his lover behind in a small town and moves to Seoul. Several years later, she has married a high ranking military officer, and when the two former lovers meet again, the jealous husband sends the man to one of the government's infamous correctional camps.  Starring Kim Jung-eun, Kim Min-jong, Lee Jong-won, Dok-ko Young-jae, Lee Moon-shik, Kim Seung-wook.  Cinematography by Choi Ji-yeol.  Produced by Taewon Entertainment.  Distributed by Cinema Service.  Rating: 15+.  120 min.  April 30.


Byul ["Byeol"]   Written and directed by Jang Hyung-ik.  A man who owns a border collie falls in love with the woman at the local pet store/animal hospital. One day he finally gets up the courage to ask her on a date, but she doesn't show, leading him to accept a work transfer to a remote mountainside location.  Starring Yoo Oh-sung, Park Hin-hee, Kong Hyung-jin, Lee Ho-jae, Kim Young-ae.  Cinematography by Jeon Jo-myung.  Produced by Star Heureut.  Distributed by Big Blue Film.  Rating: 12+.  106 min.  May 1.

Oseam ["Oseam"]   Directed by Seong Baek-yeop.  Screenplay by Choi Min-yong, Lee Seo-kyung, and Seong Baek-yeop.  Based on a famous novel by Jung Chae-bong, this animated film tells the story of a blind girl and her younger brother who are adopted by Buddhist monks at a rural temple. One day the boy leaves with one of the monks to visit a shrine on a mountaintop, but a sudden snowstorm places the boy in danger.  Featuring the voices of Kim Seo-young, Park Sun-young, Son Jong-hwan.  Produced by Mago 21.  Distributed by Sinabro Entertainment.  Rating: General.  75 min.  May 1.

A Letter From Mars ["Hwaseong-euro gan sanai"]   Directed by Kim Jung-kwan.  Screenplay by Jang Jin.  After So-hee's father dies, she writes letters to him, believing he has gone to Mars. Her friend Seung-jae starts writing back to her, posing as her father.  Starring Shin Ha-kyun, Kim Hee-sun, Kim Min-joon, Park So-hyun, Kim In-kwon, Lee Jae-yong, Lee Geum-ju.  Cinematography by Lee Seok-hyun.  Produced by Ditto Entertainment.  Distributed by Big Blue Films.  Rating: 12+.  107 min.  May 15.

Wild Card Wild Card ["Waildeu kadeu"]   Directed by Kim Yu-min.  Screenplay by Lee Man-hee.  Two police detectives are assigned to catch four young men who are killing people and stealing their money late at night.  Starring Jung Jin-young, Yang Dong-geun, Han Chae-young, Ki Ju-bong, Kim Myung-guk, Hwang Jun-young, Yu Ha-bok.  Cinematography by Byun Hee-sung.  Produced by C& Film and Yujin ENC.  Distributed by Cinema Service.  Rating: 18+.  117 min.  May 16.  (pictured left)

Arirang ["Arirang"]   Directed by Lee Doo-yong.  Screenplay by Park Mu-rak, Lee Du-yong.  A remake of the acclaimed 1926 film which has since been lost. Young-jin has become mentally unstable after being tortured by the Japanese police. When the son of a landlord starts to harass his sister, events spin out of control.  Starring Noh Ik-hyun, Hwang Shin-jeong, Lee Pil-mo, Choi Dae-won, Jo Mi-jeong, Choi Ju-bong.  Cinematography by Heo Eung-hee.  Produced by Siori Entertainment.  Distributed by Movies Entertainment.  Rating: General.  83 min.  May 30.

Run 2U ["Reontuyu"]   Directed by Kang Jung-soo.  Screenplay by Kang Jung-soo, etc.  Two Korean-Japanese friends get into a fight with some yakuza, and are forced to flee to Korea. Two years later, a woman named Kyung-ah sees one of the men singing at a cafe in Seoul, and falls in love.  Starring Chae Jeong-an, Takahashi Katsuya, Yamashita Tetsuo, Ozawa Mayu, Lee Ho-jae, Choi Ran.  Cinematography by Park Seung-bae, Lee Dong-guk.  Produced by Nara Digicom.  Distributed by Prime Pictures.  Rating: 15+.  92 min.  May 30.


Tube ["Tyubeu"]   Written and directed by Baek Woon-hak.  A man out for revenge on his former superiors kills the mayor of Seoul and hijacks a subway car. A disgraced former agent now serving on the subway police squad sets after the criminal.  An action film starring Kim Seok-hoon, Bae Doona, Park Sang-min, Im Hyun-shik, Son Byung-ho, Kwon Oh-joong, Ki Joo-bong.  Cinematography by Yoon Hong-shik.  Produced by Mir Film.  Distributed by Tube Entertainment.  Rating: 15+.  118 min.  June 5.

Reversal of Fortune ["Yeokjeon-e sanda"]   Directed by Park Yong-woon.  Screenplay by Oh Hyun-ri, Kim Moon-sung, Kwon So-yeon, Park Yong-woon.  A man struggling with financial troubles gets in a car accident and is plunged into an alternative reality, where he has become a fabulously rich golfer.  Starring Kim Seung-woo, Ha Ji-won, Kang Sung-jin, Ko Ho-kyung.  Cinematography by Kim Dong-cheon.  Produced by A1 Cinema.  Distributed by Cinema Service.  Rating: 15+.  110 min.  June 13.

A Tale of Two Sisters A Tale of Two Sisters ["Janghwa, Hongryun"]   Written and directed by Kim Jee-woon.  Two sisters move back in with their father and slightly unbalanced stepmother, following time spent away recovering from an unspecified illness. Strange things start to happen in their isolated country home, however, and tension among the four begins to rise.  Starring Kim Gap-soo, Yeom Jung-ah, Im Soo-jung, Moon Geun-young.  Cinematography by Lee Mo-gae.  Produced by Masulpiri Pictures and B.O.M. Film Productions.  Distributed by Big Blue Film.  Rating: 12+.  120 min.  June 13.  (pictured left)

Crazy First Love ["Cheotsarang sasu gweollidaehoe"]   Written and directed by Oh Jong-rok.  A bright but problem-causing student wishes for nothing more in the world than to marry his first love. Her father, a teacher, says he can marry his daughter only if he becomes of the top 3000 students in the country.  Starring Cha Tae-hyun, Son Ye-jin, Yu Dong-geun, Seong Ji-ryu, Lee Byung-wook, Shin Seung-hwan.  Cinematography by Jeong Kwang-seok.  Produced by Popcorn Film and Storybus.  Distributed by Cinema Service.  Rating: 12+.  108 min.  June 27.

Sweet Sex and Love ["Masinneun sekseu geurigo sarang"]   Directed by Bong Man-dae.  Screenplay by Kwak Jeong-deok.  A fashion designer finds a new lover, and they begin a torrid relationship. Will sex be able to keep them together once things start to go wrong?  Starring Kim Seo-hyung, Kim Sung-su.  Cinematography by Choi Sang-mok.  Produced by Keyweck Shidae.  Distributed by Korea Pictures.  Rating: 18+.  90 min.  June 27.


Singles ["Singgeuljeu"]   Directed by Kwon Chil-in.  Screenplay by Park Heon-su, Noh Hye-young, Seong Ki-young.  The story of four people in their late twenties, and their struggles with work, love, and life. Based on a popular Japanese TV series.  Starring Jang Jin-young, Lee Beom-soo, Uhm Jung-hwa, Kim Ju-hyuk.  Cinematography by Kim Jae-ho.  Produced by Sidus Pictures.  Distributed by Chungeorahm.  Rating: 15+.  110 min.  July 11.

Mutt Boy Mutt Boy ["Ddongkae"]   Directed by Kwak Kyung-taek.  Screenplay by Kwak Kyung-taek and Kim Chang-woo.  A boy nicknamed "Mutt" grows up in a rural town, and eventually attracts a small gang of followers due to his fighting skills. However, he keeps getting into trouble with the law, and getting picked up by his father, who works as a police officer.  Starring Jung Woo-sung, Kim Ghab-soo, Eom Ji-won, Kim Tae-wook, Hong Ji-young, Yang Joong-kyung.  Cinematography by Hong Ki-seok.  Produced by Zininsa Films.  Distributed by Show East.  Rating: 15+.  101 min.  July 16.  (pictured right)

Sword in the Moon ["Cheongpung-myeongwol"]   Directed by Kim Eui-seok.  Screenplay by Jang Min-seok.  An uprising causes havoc in the Chosun Dynasty, and an elite military unit is formed to secure the peace. As time passes, however, the unit is split by internal divisions, and the unit's two best swordsmen turn into enemies.  Starring Choi Min-shik, Cho Jae-hyun, Kim Bo-kyung, Lee Jong-soo, Jeon Seong-hwan, Ki Joo-bong.  Cinematography by Moon Yong-sik.  Produced by White Lee Entertainment.  Distributed by Sinabro Entertainment.  Rating: 15+.  102 min.  July 16.

Wonderful Days ["Wondeopul deijeu"]   Directed by Kim Moon-saeng.  Screenplay by Park Jun-yong, Kim Moon-saeng.  In a future world where much of civilization has been destroyed, an elite society prospers by feeding off the misfortunes of others. Meanwhile an exile from this city struggles to bring down this society and bring back the blue sky.  Featuring the voices of Choi Ji-hoon, Oh In-sung, Eun Young-seon, Kim Sung-min, Si Young-jun, Ki Joo-bong, etc.  Cinematography by Lee Sun-kwan.  Produced by Tin House.  Distributed by Aura Entertainment.  Rating: General.  87 min.  July 17.


Galgari Family and Dracula ["Galgari paemilliwa deurakyura"]   Directed by Nam Ki-nam.  Screenplay by Kim Dong-yong.  When a village is threatened by evil vampires, a bumbling trio with magical capes arrives to save the day.  Starring Park Jun-hyung, Jeong Jong-chul, Lee Seung-hwan, Im Hyuk-pil, Kim Ki-su.  Cinematography by Jo Byung-gu.  Produced by Smile Mania.  Distributed by Chungeoram.  Rating: General.  84 min.  August 1.

Wishing Stairs Wishing Stairs ["Yeogo-goedam se beonjje iyagi: Yeo-u-gyedan"]   Directed by Yoon Jae-yeon.  Screenplay by Kim Su-ah, Lee Yong-yeon, Eun Shi-yeon, and Lee So-young.  A mysterious stone stairway in front of a girls' high school domitory can grant wishes. When the wishes of jealous and ambitious students are released, however, they become twisted into evil and violent acts.  Starring Song Ji-hyo, Park Han-byul, Jo An, Park Ji-yeon.  Cinematography by Seo Jung-min.  Produced by Cine2000.  Distributed by Cinema Service.  Rating: 12+.  97 min.  August 1.  (pictured left)

The Uninvited ["Sa-inyong siktak"]   Written and directed by Lee Su-yeon.  An interior designer begins seeing visions of two young dead girls. Later he meets a young woman who has insight into the supernatural, but she is tortured by memories of what her visions have unleashed in the past.  Starring Jeon Ji-hyun, Park Shin-yang, Yu Seon, Kim Yeo-jin, Park Won-sang, Jeong Wook.  Cinematography by Jo Yong-gyu.  Produced by b.o.m. film productions and Sidus HQ.  Distributed by CJ Entertainment.  Rating: 15+.  126 min.  August 8.

Into the Mirror ["Geoul-sogeuro"]   Written and directed by Kim Sung-ho.  An upscale department store is preparing to re-open after a deadly fire, but a string of mysterious murders causes widespread controversy and press coverage. A security guard, nephew to the store's owner, realizes that the murders are all connected to mirrors in some way.  Starring Yoo Ji-tae, Kim Myung-min, Kim Hye-na, Ki Ju-bong, Kim Myung-su, Lee Young-jin, Jung Eun-pyo.  Cinematography by Jeong Han-cheol.  Produced by KeyPlus Pictures.  Distributed by Cinema Service.  Rating: 15+.  114 min.  August 14.

A Good Lawyer's Wife A Good Lawyer's Wife ["Baramnan gajok"]   Written and directed by Im Sang-soo.  A troubled family sees the wife, husband and grandmother all pursuing extra-marital affairs, while more fundamental problems with marital life start to pull the family apart.  Starring Moon So-ri, Hwang Jeong-min, Yoon Yeo-jung, Kim In-moon, Bong Tae-gyu, Baek Jeong-rim, Seong Ji-ru.  Cinematography by Kim Woo-hyung.  Produced by Myung Films.  Distributed by Chungeorahm.  Rating: 18+.  104 min.  August 14.  (pictured right)

Elysium ["Ellisium"]   Directed by Kwon Jae-woong.  Screenplay by Park Jeong-hoon.  An animated film set in the year 2113, about a tragic misunderstanding that leads to war between Earth and the planet Elysium. As battle rages, long-kept secrets buried underneath the surface of the Earth begin to reveal themselves.  Featuring the voices of Kim Jang, Kim Jeong-ah, Lee Jae-myung, Sa Seong-woong, An Jong-ik, etc.  Produced by Big Film.  Distributed by Aura Entertainment.  Rating: General.  75 min.  August 15.  (

Love: Impossible ["Namnam-buknyeo"]   Written and directed by Jung Cho-sin.  A South Korean archeology student goes on a field trip to China, where he meets a young North Korean woman. Can they overcome their cultural differences to fall in love?  A comedy starring Jo In-sung, Kim Sa-rang, Gong Hyung-jin, Heo Young-ran, Hwang Bo, Kim Yong-geon.  Cinematography by Goh Su-bok.  Produced by Asia Line.  Distributed by Tube Entertainment.  Rating: 12+.  105 min.  August 29.

Plastic Tree ["Peullaseutik teuri"]   Directed by Eo Il-seon.  Screenplay by Kim Sung-sil.  An impotent barber lives together with his young girlfriend in Busan. When an old acquaintance moves in with them, however, their calm life is shattered.  Starring Cho Eun-sook, Kim In-kwon, Kim Jung-hyun.  Cinematography by Jo Dong-gwan.  Produced by RG Prince Films.  Distributed by Moobiz Entertainment.  Rating: 18+.  103 min.  August 29.


Oh! Brothers ["O! Beuradeoseu"]   Written and directed by Kim Yong-hwa.  The estranged father of a young hustler dies, leaving him with significant debts. Not able to pay them, he tracks down his long lost younger brother, who suffers from a rare aging disease.  Starring Lee Jung-jae, Lee Beom-soo, Lee Moon-shik, Ryu Seung-su, Lee Won-jong, Kim Joon-hee.  Cinematography by Park Hyun-chul.  Produced by KM Culture.  Distributed by Showbox.  Rating: 15+.  110 min.  September 5.  (

My Wife is a Gangster 2 ["Jopok manura 2: Doraon jeonseol"]   Directed by Jeong Heung-soon.  Screenplay by Jeong Heung-soon, Choi Hae-chul.  The sequel to the 2001 smash hit sees the main character suffer amnesia and end up working at a Chinese restaurant, unable to remember her past profession.  Starring Shin Eun-kyung, Park Jun-gyu, Jang Se-jin, Ryu Hyun-kyung, Lee Won-jong, Jo Mi-ryung.  Cinematography by Jo Dong-kwan.  Produced by Hyunjin Cinema.  Distributed by CJ Entertainment.  Rating: 15+.  110 min.  September 5.

The Spring Breeze ["Bureora bombaram"]   Written and directed by Jang Hang-jun.  A struggling writer is forced to live with a ditzy hostess because of an agreement signed by his late father.  Starring Kim Seung-woo, Kim Jung-eun, Seong Ji-ru, Byun Hee-bong, Jang Hyun-sung, Kim Hye-ok.  Cinematography by Moon Yong-sik.  Produced and distributed by Cinema Service.  Rating: 15+.  111 min.  September 5.

Mudang: Reconciliation Between the Living and the Dead ["Yeongmae"]   Directed by Park Ki-bok.  A documentary about women across Korea who practice shamanism, and how their personal and professional lives mix.  Featuring Chae Jeong-rye, Chae Doon-gul, Park Young-ja, Park Mi-jung.  Cinematography by Park Ki-bok.  Produced and distributed by M&F.  Rating: General.  100 min.  September 5.  (

Spring, Summer, Fall... Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring ["Bom-yeoreum-gaeul-gyeoul geurigo bom"]   Written and directed by Kim Ki-duk.  Set on a remote lake with a floating temple, this film tells the story of five stages in the life of a man who becomes a Buddhist monk.  Starring Oh Young-su, Kim Jong-ho, Seo Jae-kyung, Kim Young-min, Kim Ki-duk, and Ha Yeo-jin.  Cinematography by Baek Dong-hyun.  Produced by LJ Film and Pandora Film [Germany].   Distributed by Korea Pictures.  Rating: 15+.  106 min.  September 19.

Natural City ["Naechyureol siti"]   Written and directed by Min Byung-cheon.  A sci-fi film set in 2080 about a member of the military police who struggles to extend the life of his cyborg girlfriend, who is scheduled to be decommissioned.  Starring Yoo Ji-tae, Lee Jae-eun, Seo Rin, Jung Du-hong, Jung Eun-pyo, Yun Chan, Goh Ju-hee.  Cinematography by Lee Jun-gyu.  Produced by Jowoo Entertainment.  Distributed by Tube Entertainment.  Rating: 15+.  114 min.  September 26.


Untold Scandal ["Seukaendeul: Joseon-namnyeo-sangyeoljisa"]   Directed by E J-yong.  Screenplay by Kim Dae-woo, E J-yong, Kim Hyun-jeong.  A young nobleman takes up a bet to seduce a widow who is renowned for her chastity. An adaptation of the 18th-century French novel Dangerous Liaisons, transposed to the Chosun Dynasty.  Starring Bae Yong-jun, Lee Mi-sook, Jeon Do-yeon, Lee So-yeon, Jo Hyun-jae.  Cinematography by Kim Byung-il.  Produced by b.o.m. productions.  Distributed by CJ Entertainment.  Rating: 18+.  120 min.  October 2 .  (

Once Upon a Time in a Battlefield ["Hwang-san-beol"]   Directed by Lee Joon-ik.  Screenplay by Choi Seok-hwan, Jo Cheol-hyeon.  A period comedy set in the Three Kingdoms Era of 7th-century Korea, about an attack on the Baekchae Kingdom by the forces of Shilla.  Starring Park Joong-hoon, Jeong Jin-young, Oh Ji-myung, Lee Moon-shik, Kim Sun-ah, Ryu Seung-su, Lee Ho-seong.  Cinematography by Kim Gil-woong.  Produced by Cineworld.  Distributed by Cineworld and Cinema Service.   Rating: 15+.  104 min.  October 17.

Acacia ["Akasia"]   Directed by Park Ki-hyun.  Screenplay by Seong Gi-young, Park Ki-hyung.  A married couple have trouble conceiving a child, and so they decide to adopt a young boy. The boy is talented in art but often moody, and he displays a strange attachment to the acacia tree in the front yard.  Starring Shim Hye-jin, Kim Jin-geun, Moon Woo-bin, Park Woong, Jeong Na-yun, Lee Young-hee, Min Hye-ryeong.  Cinematography by Oh Hyun-jae.  Produced by Dada Film and Arundaun Film Company.  Distributed by Show East.  Rating: 15+.  104 min.  October 17.

The Road Taken The Road Taken ["Seontaek"]   Directed by Hong Ki-seon.  Screenplay by Lee Maeng-yu.  A dramatization of the experiences of Kim Seon-myung, who served 45 years in a South Korean prison for refusing to renounce his Communist beliefs. Kim eventually became the longest-serving political prisoner on earth, drawing attention from human rights groups.  Starring Kim Joong-ki, An Seok-hwan, Choi Il-hwa, Goh Dong-eop, Kim Se-young, Im Il-chan.  Cinematography by Oh Jeong-ok.  Produced by Shincine and Young Film.  Distributed by Chungeorahm.  Rating: 15+.  103 min.  October 24. (pictured right)

The Greatest Expectation ["Widaehan yusan"]   Directed by Oh Sang-hoon.  Screenplay by Lee Hyun-chul, Lee Won-hyung, Lee Won-je, Ko Yun-kyung.  Two young unemployed slackers happen to witness a hit and run accident. Later they see a notice promising a reward for witnesses of the accident, and they get caught up in unexpected adventures.  Starring Lim Chang-jung, Kim Seon-ah, Shin Yi, Kim Su-mi, Gong Hyung-jin, Jo Mi-ryeong.  Cinematography by Lee Seok-hyun.  Produced and distributed by CJ Entertainment.  Rating: 15+.  115 min.  October 24.  (

Silver Knife ["Eunjangdo"]   Directed by Kim Seong-deok.  Screenplay by Kim Hyun-hee, Ju Jeong-eun.  A woman from a conservative, Confucian upbringing runs away from her father and starts her university studies in Seoul. While there, will she be able to preserve the chastity for which her family line has become famous?  Starring Shin Ae, Oh Ji-ho, Song Sun-mi, Yoon Da-hoon, Ham Jae-hee, Choi Yun-so.  Cinematography by Lee Dong-sam.  Produced by Joy Entertainment.  Distributed by Showbox.  Rating: 18+.  100 min.  October 24.

Spring Bears Love ["Bomnal-ui gomeul joh-ahaseyo?"]   Directed by Donald Yong [Yong Yi].  Screenplay by Hwang Jo-yun.  A woman goes to the library and takes out an art book for her father, but finds a love note inside. The note leads her to another book, and another...  Starring Bae Doona, Kim Nam-jin, Yun Jong-shin, Yoon Ji-hye, Oh Kwang-rok, Eom Tae-woong, Kim Hong-pyo, Lee Eol.  Cinematography by Park Ki-woong.  Produced by Ison Film.  Distributed by Tube Entertainment.  Rating: 12+.  97 min.  October 24.


Please Teach Me English ["Yeongeo-wanjeon-jeongbok"]   Directed by Kim Sung-soo.  Screenplay by Kim Ji-young, No Hye-young, Choi Hui-dae, Kim Sung-soo.  A young public servant is humiliated one day when a foreigner comes into her office and she can't communicate with him. Her boss orders her to sign up for English lessons, where she meets a suave guy who is driven to perfect his language skills.  Starring Lee Na-young, Jang Hyuk, Angela Kelly, Kim In-moon, Na Moon-hee, Kim Yong-geon.  Cinematography by Kim Hyung-gu.  Produced by Nabi Pictures.  Distributed by Cinema Service.  Rating: 12+.  118 min.  November 5.

If You Were Me ["Yeoseot gae-ui siseon"]   Directed by Jeong Jae-eun (The Man's Affairs), Yim Soon-rye (The Weight of Her), Yeo Kyun-dong (Crossing), Park Chan-wook (N.E.P.A.L.), Park Jin-pyo (Tongue Tie), Park Kwang-su (Face Value).  An omnibus film by six established directors about issues relating to discrimination. Idea originally developed by the Korea Human Rights Commission.  Starring Baek Jong-hak, Byun Jeong-su, Ji Jin-hee, Lee Seol-hee, Jeon Ha-eun, Kim Moon-ju, Jeong Ae-yeon.  Produced by Korea Human Rights Commission.  Distributed by Chungeorahm.  Rating: 12+.  110 min.  November 14.

Come Tomorrow ["Choehu-ui manchan"]   Directed by Son Young-guk.  Screenplay by Lee Ji-ho.  Three people who are on the verge of giving up life -- a gangster in trouble with his gang, a doctor who has lost his family, and a woman with a terminal disease -- all meet up by coincidence.  Starring Lee Jong-won, Kim Bo-sung, Jo Yun-hee.  Cinematography by Jeong Jae-seung.  Produced by Global One Sunflower Film.  Distributed by Aura Entertainment.  Rating: 15+.  97 min.  November 14.

The Circle ["Sseokeul"]   Directed by Park Seung-bae.  Screenplay by Lee Hwang-rim, Kim Seok-gon.  A public prosecutor, while investigating the violent deaths of six young women, grapples with her own mental disorder.  Starring Kang Su-yeon, Jeong Woong-in, Choi Jeong-yun, Jeon Jae-ryong, Yun Ju-sang.  Cinematography by Kang Dae-yong.  Produced by Moviecam and JU Production.  Rating: 18+.  110 min.  November 14.

Old Boy Old Boy ["Oldeuboi"]   Directed by Park Chan-wook.  Screenplay by Park Chan-wook, Hwang Jo-yoon, Im Jun-hyung.  A man is kidnapped one rainy night and placed into a crude privately-run prison for the next 15 years, without any idea of the reason. Finally he is released, after which he receives a phone call challenging him to find out the reason for his punishment.  Starring Choi Min-shik, Yu Ji-tae, Kang Hye-jung, Ji Dae-han, Oh Dal-soo, Yoon Jin-seo, Kim Byung-ok, Oh Gwang-rok.  Cinematography by Jeong Jeong-hoon.  Produced by Show East and EGG Films.  Distributed by Show East.  Rating: 18+.  120 min.  November 21.  (pictured right)

The Legend of the Evil Lake ["Cheon-nyeon-ho"]   Directed by Lee Kwang-hoon.  Screenplay by Hong Joo-ri.  During the Shilla Dynasty, the queen desires one of her top generals, but his heart belongs to a common woman. One day the woman is attacked by some of the queen's soldiers, and in the process she unleashes a 1000-year old evil spirit.  Starring Jung Jun-ho, Kim Hyo-jin, Kim Hye-ri, Lee Han-gal, Choi Won-seok, Kang Shin-il, Kim Myung-won.  Cinematography by Lu Yue and Kim Yoon-su.  Action choreography by Yuen Tak.  Produced by Hanmac Films.  Distributed by Cinema Service.  Rating: 15+.  93 min.  November 28.

Ogu: A Hilarious Mourning ["Ogu"]   Written and directed by Lee Yoon-taek.  An old woman is visited by three messengers from the afterworld, so she realizes she is about to die. She asks the local shaman to perform an ogu ritual, during which time some long buried secrets come to life.  Starring Kang Bu-ja, Lee Jae-eun, Kim Kyung-ik, Jeon Seong-hwan, Jeong Dong-sook.  Cinematography by Choi Du-young.  Produced by Mao Film.  Rating: 15+.  90 min.  November 28. [""]   Directed by Lee Eon-hee.  Screenplay by Kim Jin.  A high school girl with medical troubles gets to know a cheeky college student who moves into the apartment below. Meanwhile her single mother copes with worries about her daughter.  Starring Im Soo-jung, Kim Rae-won, Lee Mi-sook, Choi deok-moon, Kim In-moon, Kim Ji-young, Lee Yu-jeong.  Cinematography by Kim Byeong-seo.  Produced by DreamMax.  Distributed by Tube Entertainment.  Rating: 12+.  102 min.  November 28.

Rewind ["Bidio-reul boneun namja"] (aka "A Man Watching Video")   Written and directed by Kim Hak-soon.  The owner of a small video store starts to receive anonymous letters from someone who claims to like him.  Starring Jang Hyun-sung, Pang Eun-jin, Oh Yoon-hong, Seo Hyun-jin, Choi Min, Jeong Eun-mi, Kim Young-im.  Cinematography by Paeng Ui-deok.  Produced by BK Cinema.  Distributed by Free Vision Entertainment.  Rating: 15+.  100 min.  November 28.


Crazy Assassins ["Nangman-jagaek"]   Written and directed by Yoon Je-gyun.  A ragtag group of assassins cause trouble for a group of female ghosts, who then demand help in ascending to nirvana.  Starring Kim Min-jong, Choi Seong-guk, Jin Jae-young, Hwang Shin-jeong, Jo Jeong-rin.  Cinematography by Kim Yong-chul.  Produced by Doosaboo Film.  Distributed by CJ Entertainment.  Rating: 18+.  98 min.  December 5.

Happy Naked Christmas ["Haepi ero keuriseumaseu"]   Written and directed by Lee Geon-dong.  A young cop and an over-the-hill gangster compete for the love of a women who works in a bowling alley.  Starring Cha Tae-hyun, Kim Seon-ah, Park Young-gyu, Hong Kyung-in, Kim Ji-young, Lee Cheong-ah.  Cinematography by Choi Young-taek.  Produced by Tube Pictures and Sidus HQ.  Distributed by Tube Entertainment.  Rating: 15+.  110 min.  December 17.

Silmido Silmido ["Silmido"]   Directed by Kang Woo-suk.  Screenplay by Kim Hui-jae.  When a group of North Korean commandos are caught trying to assassinate the South Korean president, the South sets up a special military unit for the express purpose of infiltrating North Korea and killing Kim Il-sung.  Starring Sol Kyung-gu, Ahn Sung-ki, Jeong Jae-young, Heo Jun-ho, Kang Sung-jin, Im Won-hee, Kang Shin-il, Lee Jeong-heon.  Cinematography by Kim Seong-bok.  Produced by Hanmac Films and Cinema Service.  Distributed by Cinema Service.  Rating: 15+.  135 min.  December 24.  (pictured left)

Lost in the South: Mission Going Home ["Donghaemul-gwa Baekdusan-i"]   Directed by Ahn Jin-woo.  Screenplay by Kim Dong-hyun.  Two North Korean soldiers are cast adrift in a storm, and find themselves washed up on a beach in the South.  Starring Jung Jun-ho, Gong Hyung-jin, Ryu Hyun-kyung, Park Chul, Park Sang-wook.  Cinematography by Kim Yoon-su.  Produced by Sam and Zoo Money Film.  Distributed by Showbox.  Rating: 15+.  97 min.  December 31.

Seoul Box-Office Results

Release date Film Title Admissions Screens
Jan 10 Madeleine 146,482 29
Jan 24 Double Agent 364,100 53
Jan 30 The Classic 533,950 49
Feb 7 My Tutor Friend 1,595,370 54
Feb 7 Blue 61,223 40
Feb 28 Scent of Love 279,500 42
Feb 28 Show Show Show 21,740 31
Mar 7 Dying or Live ? ?
Mar 14 The First Amendment 68,130 40
Mar 28 My Teacher, Mr. Kim 854,100 60
Apr 4 The Garden of Heaven 29,550 28
Apr 4 Save the Green Planet 34,900 27
Apr 11 A Little Monk 101,750 27
Apr 18 Oh! Happy Day 289,650 47
Apr 18 Jealousy is My Middle Name 31,850 24
Apr 25 Memories of Murder 1,912,725 54
Apr 25 Season in the Sun 33,450 30
Apr 30 Mr. Butterfly 170,920 41
May 1 Byul 15,200 18
May 1 Oseam 25,574 15
May 16 Wild Card 550,174 47
May 16 A Letter From Mars 19,900 21
May 30 Arirang 1,054 10
Jun 5 Tube 122,769 30
Jun 13 Reversal of Fortune 188,484 40
Jun 13 A Tale of Two Sisters 1,017,027 52
Jun 27 Sweet Sex and Love 85,100 ?
Jun 27 Crazy First Love 741,029 70
Jul 11 Singles 859,347 58
Jul 16 Mutt Boy 434,660 39
Jul 16 Sword in the Moon 191,600 27
Jul 17 Wonderful Days 140,080 17
Aug 1 Galgari Family and Dracula 73,638 8
Aug 1 Wishing Stairs 533,761 44
Aug 8 The Uninvited 246,039 34
Aug 14 Into the Mirror 251,150 40
Aug 14 A Good Lawyer's Wife 633,250 32
Aug 15 Elysium 1,400 2
Aug 29 Love: Impossible 54,493 32
Aug 29 Plastic Tree 1,634 8
Sep 5 Oh! Brothers 951,936 51
Sep 5 My Wife is a Gangster 2 538,302 55
Sep 5 The Spring Breeze 281,379 41
Sep 5 Mudang (documentary) 6,690 6
Sep 19 Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... 27,739 23
Sep 26 Natural City 83,991 36
Oct 2 Untold Scandal 1,292,951 76
Oct 17 Once Upon a Time in a Battlefield 960,394 71
Oct 17 Acacia 35,660 31
Oct 24 The Road Taken 5,989 8
Oct 24 The Greatest Expectation 960,598 57
Oct 24 Silver Knife 25,641 27
Oct 24 Spring Bears Love 22,818 22
Nov 5 Please Teach Me English 330,121 50
Nov 14 If You Were Me 17,389 17
Nov 14 Come Tomorrow 9,863 14
Nov 14 The Circle 13,180 ?
Nov 21 Old Boy 1,172,921* 45
Nov 28 Legend of the Evil Lake 101,478 40
Nov 28 Ogu: A Hilarious Mourning 12,934 12
Nov 28 159,396 30
Nov 28 The Video Watcher 7,962 8
Dec 5 Crazy Assassins 292,190 44
Dec 17 Happy Erotic Christmas 218,585* 47
Dec 24 Silmido 3,262,000* 83
Dec 31 Lost in the South 246,609* 32

* Includes admissions from 2004.

All figures are provided by KOFIC, and represent Seoul only (which may not be an accurate reflection of nationwide admissions).

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