Commercial Releases in 2002

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My Beautiful Girl, Mari ["Mari-iyagi"]   Directed by Lee Sung-gang.  Screenplay by Kang Soo-jung, Suh Mi-ae, Lee Sung-gang.  A young boy lives in a seaside village with his mother and grandmother. One day he finds a mysterious marble with the image of a beautiful girl inside, and he begins to fall into a world of fantasy.  Featuring the voices of Lee Byung-heon, Ahn Sung-ki, and Bae Jong-ok.  Produced by Siz Entertainment.  Distributed by Big Blue Film.  Rating: General.  84 min.  January 11.

Bad Guy Bad Guy ["Nappeun namja"]   Written and directed by Kim Ki-duk.  One day a gang leader sees a beautiful young college student on the street who glares at him contemptuously. He tries forcing her to kiss him, and then hatches a plan to turn her into a prostitute.  Starring Cho Je-hyun, Seo Won, Kim Yoon-tae.  Cinematography by Hwang Chul-hyun.  Produced by LJ Film.  Distributed by CJ Entertainment.  Rating: 18+.  100 min.  January 11.  (pictured)

A.F.R.I.K.A. ["Apeurika"]   Directed by Shin Seung-soo.  Screenplay by Song Min-ho.  Two young women fed up with work and school leave on a road trip. When they find a pair of revolvers in the glove compartment of their stolen car, however, their plans start to spin out of control.  Starring Lee Yo-won, Kim Min-sun, Jo Eun-ji, Lee Young-jin.  Cinematography by Jang Jun-young.  Produced by Shin Seung-soo Productions.  Distributed by IM Pictures.  Rating: 15+.  106 min.  January 11.

Public Enemy ["Gong-gong-ui jeok"]   Directed by Kang Woo-suk.  Screenplay by Baek Seung-jae, Jung Yoon-seop, Kim Hyun-jung, Chae Yoon-seok.  A wealthy fund manager murders his parents in gruesome fashion. When an ill-mannered, violent cop begins to suspect him of the crime, a chaotic game of cat-and-mouse ensues.  Starring Sol Kyung-gu, Lee Sung-jae.  Cinematography by Kim Sung-bok.  Produced and distributed by Cinema Service.  Rating: 18+.  138 min.  January 25.

Looking for Bruce Lee ["Yi So-ryong Chajarat!"]   Written and directed by Kang Ron.  A string of deaths occur in Seoul's Hongik University area, all in some way related to images or videos of Bruce Lee. The members of the punk band Crying Nut decide to solve the mystery.   An independent film/ portrait of Seoul starring Han Kyung-rok, Lee Sang-hyuk, Lee Sang-myun, Park Yoon-shik.  Cinematography by Lee Byung-ho.  Produced by Drug Films.  Distributed by Indiestory.  Rating: 15+.  74 min.  January 26.


2009 Lost Memories 2009 Lost Memories ["Yi-cheon-gu Loseuteu Memoriseu"]   Written and directed by Lee Si-myung.  In an alternate vision of history, Korea is a province of Great Japan in 2009 where everyone speaks Japanese and much of Korean culture has faded into the past. When a Korean-Japanese cop begins to investigate the workings of a terrorist group of Korean nationalists, he begins to learn about the true history behind his country.  Starring Jang Dong-gun, Nakamura Toru, Suh Jin-ho.  Cinematography by Park Hyun-chul.  Produced by Indecom.  Distributed by CJ Entertainment.  Rating: 12+.  135 min.  February 1.  (pictured)

Saulabi ["Ssaulabi"]   Directed by Moon Jong-geum.  Screenplay by Lee Hwan-kyung.  400 years after the dissolution of the Paekche kingdom in Korea, a group of Paekche descendents live in Japan. As they study the art of swordplay, one of them falls in love with a noble Japanese lady who is betrothed to another man.  Starring Choi Jae-sung, Enoki Takaaki, Lee Sang-hoon, Umemiya Masako.  Cinematography by Kang Won-myung.  Produced by Morning Calm Film.  Distributed by Buena Vista International Korea.  Rating: 15+.  103 min.  February 22.

Turn It Up ["Teon It Eop"]   Directed by Kang Yong-gyu.  Screenplay by Hong Sung-young, Kang Yong-gyu, Kim Hyo-yeon.  A love triangle among a crowd of high school hip-hop dancers leads to a dancing showdown.  Starring Nam Sang-kyo, Won So-yeon, Moon Sun-beom.  Cinematography by Song Haeng-ki.  Produced by Pam Art Master.  Rating: 12+.  89 min.  February 23.


No Blood No Tears No Blood No Tears ["Pido Nunmuldo Eopshi"]   Directed by Ryu Seung-wan.  Screenplay by Jung Jin-wan and Ryu Seung-wan.  The ill-treated mistress of a gang boss becomes friendly with an older woman who drives a taxi. Eventually the two hatch a plan to steal a bagful of money, taking some revenge in the process.  A 'pulp noir' film starring Jeon Do-yeon, Lee Hye-young, Jung Jae-young, Ryu Seung-beom, Shin Ku, Jung Du-hong, etc.  Cinematography by Choi Young-hwan.  Produced by Fun & Happiness.  Distributed by Cinema Service.  Rating: 18+.  116 min.  March 1.  (pictured)

The Bird Who Stops in the Air ["Saeneun Pyegokseoneul Geurinda"]   Directed by Jeon Soo-il.  Screenplay by Lee Jung-ae and Jeon Soo-il.  A film professor in a regional university feels oppressed by life and a troubled relationship with his students. His lifelong interest in birds becomes ever stronger with his wish to fly away from his present situation.  Starring Sol Kyung-gu, Kim So-hee.  Cinematography by Kim Dae-sun, Hwang Chul-hyun.  Produced by Dongnyuk Film.  Distributed by Mirovision, Cineworld.  Rating: 18+.  106 min.  March 1.

L'Abri ["Beoseu, Jeongnyujang"]   Literal title: "Bus Stop."  Directed by Lee Mi-yeon.  Screenplay by Lee Jae-chan.  A 32-year old Korean language teacher who works in a learning institute feels withdrawn from life, not able to communicate with anyone. When a 17-year old student with problems of her own enters his class, she sees in him someone she can relate to.  Starring Kim Tae-woo, Kim Min-jung, Lee Dae-yeon.  Cinematography by Park Ki-woong.  Produced by Myung Film.  Distributed by CJ Entertainment.  Rating: 15+.  95 min.  March 8.

My Beautiful Days ["Seumulnet"]   Directed by Im Jong-jae.  Screenplay by Choi Hong-seok.  A man in his twenties is nearing the end of his part-time military service at a government office, when he runs into his former girlfriend. Feeling suffocated by a loveless affair with an older woman, the man feels happy to reacquaint himself with his old girlfriend, until he meets her younger sister...  Starring Kim Hyun-sung, Byun Eun-jung, Kim Min-sun, Pang Eun-jin, Myung Kye-nam.  Cinematography by Ham Soon-ho.  Produced by Park Chul-soo Films.  Distributed by Film Bank.  Rating: 18+.  91 min.  March 16.

Turning Gate Turning Gate ["Saenghwal-ui balgyeon"]   Directed by Hong Sang-soo.  An actor leaves Seoul on a trip after the failure of his latest film. On the way he meets two women, and ends up having separate affairs with each of them.  Starring Kim Sang-kyung, Choo Sang-mi, Yeh Ji-won, Kim Hak-seon.  Cinematography by Choi Young-taek.  Produced by Miracin Korea.  Distributed by Cinema Service.  Rating: 18+.  115 min.  March 22.  (pictured)

Jungle Juice ["Jeonggeul-jyuseu"]   Written and directed by Jo Min-ho.  Two young thugs come across a stash of drugs by accident, and decide to run with it.  Starring Jang Hyuck, Lee Bum-soo, Jeon Hye-jin, Son Chang-min, Kim Joong-ki.  Cinematography by Lee Du-man.  Produced by Sidus.  Distributed by Big Blue Films.  Rating: 18+.  98 min.  March 22.

Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance ["Boksuneun na-ui geot"]   Directed by Park Chan-wook.  Screenplay by Park Ridame, Lee Jong-yong, Lee Jae-soon.  A deaf man working in a smelting factory and his radical-minded girlfriend resort to desperate measures to find money for a kidney operation.  Starring Song Kang-ho, Shin Ha-kyun, Bae Doona, Lee Dae-yeon, Im Ji-eun.  Cinematography by Kim Byung-il.  Produced by Studio Box.  Distributed by CJ Entertainment.  Rating: 18+.  120 min.  March 29.


The Beauty in Dream ["Mongjungin"]   Written and directed by Lee Kyung-young.  A middle-aged widower who writes martial-arts screenplays falls in love with a new woman.  Starring Jung In-seon, Lee Kyung-young, Ha Hee-ra, Song Jae-ho, Kim Ji-yeon.  Cinematography by Heo Seung-ryong.  Produced by Ga-in Films.  Distributed by A-Line.  Rating: General.  106 min.  April 5.

The Way Home The Way Home ["Jibeuro..."]   Written and directed by Lee Jeong-hyang.  A seven year old boy is left by his mother with his mute grandmother, who lives in a remote country village. Furious at being separated from the comforts of the city, the boy sets about causing trouble for his grandmother, who is seeing the boy for the very first time.  Starring Kim Eul-boon, Yu Seung-ho, Dong Hyo-hee, Min Kyung-hoon.  Cinematography by Yoon Hong-shik.  Produced by Tube Pictures.  Distributed by CJ Entertainment.  Rating: General.  80 min.  April 5.  (pictured)

A Funny Movie ["Jaemineun yeonghwa"]  Directed by Jang Gyu-sung.  Screenplay by Son Jae-gon.  A parody of 28 Korean films from recent years, built around the story of Japanese extremists who hope to blow up a stadium during the World Cup.  Starring Im Won-hee, Kim Jung-eun, Suh Tae-hwa, Kim Soo-ro, Park Kyung-nim.  Cinematography by Kim Yoon-su.  Produced by Fun & Happiness and Siseon Film Company.  Distributed by Cinema Service.  Rating: 15+.  122 min.  April 12.

Iron Palm ["Ai-eon pam"]   Written and directed by Yook Sang-hyo.  Five years after breaking up with his girlfriend, a man travels to Los Angeles to win her back.  Starring Cha In-pyo, Kim Yoon-jin, Park Kwang-jung, Charlie Chun.  Cinematography by Phillip Lee.  Produced by Cinewise Film.  Distributed by Korea Pictures.  Rating: 15+.  120 min.  April 19.

Marriage is a Crazy Thing ["Gyeol-honeun michin-jisida"]   Directed by Yu Ha.  Screenplay by Lee Man-gyo.  A man and a woman meet each other on a blind date, and soon fall into love and bed with each other. Torn by thoughts of love vs. riches, however, the woman marries another man, leading the two to a moral dilemma.  Starring Um Jung-hwa, Gam Woo-sung, Park Won-sang.  Cinematography by Park Young-ho.  Produced by Sidus Uno Films.  Distributed by Big Blue Film.  Rating: 18+.  103 min.  April 26.

Oh! LaLa Sisters ["Ullalla ssiseuteojeu"]   Written and directed by Park Je-hyun.  A nightclub begins to lose customers to the rival club across the street. Desperate to attract customers, the four women who operate the club decide to make themselves the center attraction.  Starring Lee Mi-sook, Kim Won-hee, Kim Min, Kim Hyun-soo, Kim So-sung.  Cinematography by Park Je-hyung.  Produced by May Film.  Distributed by A-Line.  Rating: 15+.  110 min.  April 26.


Make It Big! ["Ildan ddui-eo"]   Written and directed by Jo Ui-seok.  Three high school students are startled when a bagful of money and a dead man fall on top of their car. Once they realize just how much money is in the bag, they give up any thought of calling the police.  Starring Song Seung-heon, Kwon Sang-woo, Kim Young-jun, Lee Bum-soo, Lee Mun-shik.  Cinematography by Kim Chul-ju.  Produced by Keyweck Shide.  Distributed by Korea Pictures.  Rating: 15+.  120 min.  May 10.

Chihwaseon Chihwaseon ["Chwihwaseon"]   Directed by Im Kwon-taek.  Screenplay by Doul Kim Yong-ok, Im Kwon-taek.  A biopic covering the life of Ohwon Jang Seung-eop, a talented 19th-century Korean painter with a penchant for alcohol and a disrespect for authority.  Starring Choi Min-shik, Ahn Sung-ki, Yoo Ho-jung, Kim Yeo-jin, Son Yeh-jin.  Cinematography by Chung Il-sung.  Produced by Taehung Pictures.  Distributed by Cinema Service.  Rating: 18+.  120 min.  May 10.  ( - award-winning bilingual site)  (pictured)

4 Toes ["Nebalgarak"]   Written and directed by Kye Yoon-shik.  The comic adventures of four thugs who have been friends since high school.  Starring Heo Jun-ho, Lee Chang-hoon, Park Jun-gyu, Lee Won-jong, Jung Eun-pyo, Goguma.  Cinematography by Yang Hee-man.  Produced by Pisces Film.  Distributed by SS1 Cinema.  Rating: 18+.  100 min.  May 17.

Over the Rainbow ["Obeo deo reinbou"]   Directed by An Jin-woo.  Screenplay by Jo Myung-ju, An Jin-woo, Jang Hyuk-rin.  A young weatherman gets in a car accident and suffers from partial memory loss, not being able to remember the woman he loved as a university student. With the help of a friend, he tries to discover her identity.  Starring Lee Jung-jae, Chang Jin-young, Jung Chan.  Cinematography by Kim Young-chul.  Produced by Kang JeGyu Films.  Distributed by A-Line.  Rating: 15+.  106 min.  May 17.

Who Are You? ["Hu-a-yu"]   Directed by Choi Ho.  Screenplay by Kim Eun-jeong, Choi Ho, Oh Hyun-ri.  A computer game programmer working in Seoul's Building 63 skyscraper becomes acquainted with a woman working in the aquarium on the ground floor. She agrees to take part as a test player in his online dating game, but doesn't realize the identity of her new online acquaintance.  Starring Jo Seung-woo, Lee Na-young, Jo Eun-ji, Lee Jang-won.  Cinematography by Park Hyun-chul.  Produced by and Myung Film.  Distributed by CJ Entertainment.  Rating: 12+.  102 min.  May 24.

No Comment No Comment ["Mudjima paemilli"]   Directed by Park Kwang-hyun (My Nike), Park Sang-won (Enemies in Four Directions), Lee Hyun-jong (Church Sister).  Screenplay by Jang Jin, Park Kwang-hyun, Jo Jeong-hwa.  An omnibus film made up of three 30-min works: My Nike, set in the 1980s about a boy who dreams of owning a pair of Nikes; Enemies in Four Directions, about a series of comic and violent events that occur in neighboring rooms at a motel; and Church Sister, about a man on leave from the military who spends the day with a woman he once loved.  Starring Shin Ha-kyun, Ryu Seung-beom, Im Won-hee, Jung Jae-young, Park Sun-young, Kim Il-woong.  Cinematography by Park Yong-su, Choi Sang-ho, Baek Dong-hyun.  Produced by Film It Suda.  Distributed by Big Blue Film.  Rating: 15+.  99 min.  May 31.  (pictured)

Love Me Once Again 2002 ["Miwodo dasihanbeon 2002"]   Directed by Jung So-young.  Screenplay by Kim Su-hyun.  A remake of one of the classic melodramas of 1960s Korean cinema.  Starring Lee Seung-yeon, Lee Kyung-young, Park Yong-ha.  Cinematography by Lee Seong-chun, Choi Chan-gyu.  Produced by JL Entertainment.  Distributed by Hapdong Pictures.  Rating: 12+.  102 min.  May 31.


Bet On My Disco Bet On My Disco ["Haejeok, Diseuko-wang doeda"]   Directed by Kim Dong-won.  Screenplay by Kim Eun-hwa.  In order to rescue the girl of his dreams, a high school student must win a disco contest. Set in a rural village during the 1980s.  Starring Lee Jeong-jin, Yang Dong-geun, Lim Chang-jung, Han Chae-young, Lee Dae-geun, Jung Eun-pyo.  Cinematography by Jeon Jo-myung.  Produced by Keyweck Shide.  Distributed by A-Line.  Rating: 15+.  107 min.  June 6.  (pictured)

Mago ["Mago"]   Directed by Kang Hyun-il.  Screenplay by Jang Kyung-gi.  A film which draws on a Korean creation myth to depict man's fall from paradise to a corrupted modern life.  Starring Ga Eh, Kwon Yu-jin, Kim Do-yeon, Kim Su-yeon.   Cinematography by Lee Eun-gil.  Produced by RMJC.  Distributed by Film Bank.  Rating: 18+.  80 min.  June 13.

Yesterday ["Yeseuteodei"]   Written and directed by Jung Yoon-su.  In the year 2020, a series of kidnappings lead police investigators to pursue criminals in an 'intercity' constructed along the border with China and a unified Korea.  Starring Kim Seung-woo, Kim Yoon-jin, Choi Min-soo, Kim Seon-ah.  Cinematography by Jung Han-chul.  Produced by Miracin Korea.  Distributed by CJ Entertainment.  Rating: 15+.  121 min.  June 13.

Dig Or Die ["Ddureoya sanda"]   Directed by Goh Eun-ki.  Screenplay by Kwon In-chan, Shin Dong-ik, Lee Seong-ju et al.  Comic action film about policemen who pursue a group of professional theives who are 'employed' to test the alarm system of a major gangster.  Starring Park Kwang-hyun, Park Yeh-jin, Jung Woon-taek, Lee Jae-yong.  Cinematography by In Byung-hoon.  Produced and distributed by Taechang Entertainment.  Rating: 15+.  96 min.  June 21.

Champion ["Chaempieon"]   Written and directed by Kwak Kyung-taek.  Based on the true story of Kim Deuk-gu, who rose from poverty to become a champion boxer, only to die from injuries sustained during a fight with Ray "Boom Boom" Mancini.  Starring Yoo Oh-sung, Chae Min-suh, Yoon Seung-won, Jung Du-hong.  Cinematography by Hong Kyung-pyo.  Produced by Zininsa Film.  Distributed by Korea Pictures.  Rating: 12+.  117 min.  June 28.


Surprise Party ["Seopeuraijeu"]   Directed by Kim Jin-sung.  Screenplay by Byun Won-mi.  A woman asks her best friend to meet her fiance at the airport and keep him busy while she tries to persuade her father to allow them to get married.  Starring Shin Ha-kyun, Lee Yo-won, Kim Min-hee, Gong Hyung-jin, Gong Hyo-jin.  Cinematography by Jung Kwang-seok.  Produced by Cine2000.  Distributed by Cinema Service.  Rating: 12+.  99 min.  July 5.

Are You Ready? Are You Ready? ["A Yu Redi?"]   Directed by Yoon Sang-ho.  Screenplay by Goh Eun-nim.  When calamity strikes during a safari ride at a theme park, six various people are thrown together in a series of dangerous and fantastic adventures.  Starring Kim Jeong-hak, Kim Bo-kyung, Lee Jong-su, Ahn Seok-hwan.  Cinematography by Shin Hyun-joong.  Produced by Noon Entertainment.  Distributed by CJ Entertainment.  Rating: 12+.  105 min.  July 12.  (pictured)

Break Out ["Raiteoreul Kyeora"]   Directed by Jang Hang-jun.  Screenplay by Park Jung-woo.  A man having the worst day of his life spends his last coins on a cheap plastic lighter. When a bad-tempered gangster walks off with it later, the man snaps and goes on an all-consuming chase to get his lighter back.  Starring Kim Seung-woo, Cha Seung-won, Park Young-gyu, Kang Sung-jin, Lee Moon-shik, Bae Jong-shik, Yoo Hae-jin.  Cinematography by Kim Sung-bok.  Produced by Astars Entertainment.  Distributed by Cinema Service.  Rating: 15+.  105 min.  July 17.

Emergency Act 19 ["Gingeupjochi 19-ho"]   Directed by Kim Tae-gyu.  Screenplay by Kim Sung-dong, Lee Seung-guk.  Feeling threatened after a rock star is elected president of the United States, the Korean government declares a state of emergency and attempts to put the nation's musicians all in prison.  Starring Kim Jang-hoon, Hong Kyung-min, Gong Hyo-jin, Noh Ju-hyun, Ju Young-hoon.  Cinematography by Hwang Seo-shik.  Produced by Seo Se-won Productions.  Distributed by SS1 Cinema.  Rating: 15+.  95 min.  July 19.

The Phone ["Pon"]   Directed by Ahn Byung-ki.  Screenplay by Ahn Byung-ki and Lee Yoo-jin.  A journalist starts receiving mysterious and disturbing messages through her mobile phone. As it becomes apparent that someone is pursuing her, a young girl answers her phone and develops strange behavioral and psychological problems.  Starring Ha Ji-won, Kim Yoo-mi, Choi Woo-jae.  Cinematography by Moon Yong-sik.  Produced by Toilet Pictures.  Distributed by Buena Vista International Korea.  Rating: 15+.  100 min.  July 26.


A Perfect Match ["Joh-eun saram isseumyeon sogae-shikyeo jwo"]   Directed by Moh Ji-eun.  Screenplay by In Eun-ah.  A woman who works in a matchmaking agency finds herself falling in love with one of her clients.  Starring Shin Eun-kyung, Jung Jun-ho, Gong Hyung-jin, Kim Yeo-jin.  Cinematography by Hwang Chul-hyun.  Produced by Ahn's World Productions.  Distributed by Cinema Service.  Rating: 15+.  101 min.  August 8.

Oasis Oasis ["Oashiseu"]   Written and directed by Lee Chang-dong.  A slightly retarded man who has trouble adjusting to society is let out of prison after a hit and run accident in which a man was killed. He visits the home of the deceased, and then becomes captivated by the dead man's daughter, a woman afflicted with cerebral palsy.  Starring Sol Kyung-gu, Moon So-ri, Ryu Seung-wan, An Nae-sang, Chu Gui-jeong.  Cinematography by Choi Young-taek.  Produced by East Film.  Distributed by CJ Entertainment.  Rating: 18+.  130 min.  August 15.  (pictured)

Family ["Paemilli"]   Written and directed by Choi Jin-won.  Two young gangsters move into Incheon with the intent of taking over, but they come up against unexpected opposition from the madam of Incheon's leading hostess bar.  Starring Hwang Shin-hye, Yoon Da-hoon, Kim Min-jong, Hwang In-young, Lee Dong-gun.  Cinematography by Choi Jung-woo.  Produced by Actorsvill.  Distributed by Sinabro Entertainment.  Rating: 18+.  107 min.  August 23.

Three ["Sseuri"]   Directed by Kim Jee-woon (Memories), Peter Ho-sun Chan (Going Home) and Nonzee Nimibutr (The Wheel).  Screenplay by Kim Jee-woon, Hui Joho, and Duangkamol Limcharoen.  An omnibus-style film made up of three medium-length horror films by directors from Korea, Hong Kong, and Thailand.  Starring Kim Hye-soo and Jung Bo-seok (Memories); Leon Lai and Eric Tsang (Going Home); Suwinit Panjamawat and Savika Kanchanamas (The Wheel).  Cinematography by Hong Kyung-pyo, Christopher Doyle, and Nattawut Kittkhun.  Produced by B.O.M. Productions, Applause Pictures and Cinemasia Co.  Distributed by CJ Entertainment in Korea.  Rating: 15+.  123 min.  August 23.

Chow Yun-Fat Boy Meets Brownie Girl ["Ureong-gakshi"]   Written, directed, and photographed by Nam Ki-woong.  A man takes a mysterious huge earthen jar to his home one night, and finds that a woman appears magically from inside it.  Starring Ko Guma, Chae Myung-ji, Gi Ju-bong, Choi Sun-ja.  Produced by  Distributed by Indiestory.  Rating: 12+.  93 min.  August 31.


Boss X-File ["Boseu-sangryuk-jakjeon"]   Directed by Kim Sung-deok.  Screenplay by Jang Kwang-il, Kang Kyung.  A mob boss is suspected of political lobbying with funds laundered through a local hostess bar. When the police get wind of this scheme, they decide to set up a phony hostess bar in order to lure him in.  Starring Jung Woon-taek, Kim Bo-sung, Lee Ji-hyun, Ahn Moon-sook.   Cinematography by Jeon Jo-myung.  Produced by Joy Entertainment.  Distributed by A-Line.  Rating: 18+.  105 min.  September 6.

Lovers Concerto Lovers' Concerto ["Yeonae-soseol"]   Written and directed by Lee Han.  A young photography enthusiast meets two women, and immediately tries to win the heart of one of them. Although she turns him down, the three become friends and begin to spend a lot of time together.  Starring Cha Tae-hyun, Lee Eun-ju, Son Yeh-jin, Moon Geun-young.  Cinematography by Jin Young-hwan.  Produced by Popcorn Film.  Distributed by Korea Pictures.  Rating: 12+.  105 min.  September 13.  (pictured)

Marrying the Mafia ["Gamun-ui Yeonggwang"]   Directed by Jung Hong-soon.  Screenplay by Jung Hong-soon and Choi Hae-chul.  A bright young law school graduate awakes one morning with an unknown woman sleeping next to him in bed. His life takes a turn for the worse when he finds out that she is the youngest daughter in a family of gangsters.  Starring Jung Jun-ho, Kim Jung-eun, Yoo Dong-geun, Park Geun-hyung.  Cinematography by Kim Yoon-su.  Produced by Taewon Entertainment.  Distributed by Cinema Service.  Rating: 15+.  113 min.  September 13.

Resurrection of the Little Match Girl ["Seongnyang-pari sonyeo-ui jerim"]   Directed by Jang Sun-woo.  Screenplay by Jang Sun-woo and In Jin-mi.  A young man who works delivering Chinese food is drawn into a video game based loosely on Hans Christian Andersen's tale "The Little Match-seller". As the boundaries between real life and the video game start to blur, he finds himself falling in love with the Match Girl and battling the System which created the game.  Starring Im Eun-kyung, Kim Hyun-sung, Kim Jin-pyo, Myung Gye-nam, Jung Du-hong.  Cinematography by Kim Woo-hyung.  Produced by Keyweck-shide.  Distributed by CJ Entertainment.  Rating: 15+.  125 min.  September 13.

Yellow Flower ["Dul hana sekseu"]   Written and directed by Lee Ji-sang.  Part one: A man in his thirties with unstoppable greed for money and power tries to conquer his desire through repeated sex. Part two: The same man as a 19-year old loses himself in drugs.  Starring Kim Joong-ki, Suh Jung, Jang Mi-ru, Jo Hyung-il, Kim Seon-jae.  Cinematography by Lim Chang-jae.  Produced and distributed by Indiestory.  Rating: 18+.  85 min.  September 19.

Camel(s) Camel(s) ["Nakta(deul)"]   Written and directed by Park Ki-yong.  A middle aged man and woman, each with families of their own, set off together on a trip to an island without even knowing each other's names.  A b&w digitally-shot feature starring Lee Dae-yeon and Park Myung-shin.  Cinematography by Choi Chan-min.  Produced by Fine Communications.  Rating: 18+.  91 min.  September 27.  (pictured)

Can't Live Without Robbery ["Dodukmatgon-motsara"]   Directed by Im Kyung-su.  Screenplay by Kim Jin, Im Kyung-su, Yoon Jae-gyun, Jung Hyung-su.  A civil servant prides his home life above anything else, but when a recreational thief begins to repeatedly break into his home, he starts to lose his composure.  Starring Park Sang-myun, So Ji-seop, Song Seon-mi.  Cinematography by Kim Eung-taek.  Produced by MBC Production.  Distributed by Big Blue Films.  Rating: 15+.  105 min.  September 27.


YMCA Baseball Team ["YMCA Yagudan"]   Written and directed by Kim Hyun-seok.  A story about Korea's very first baseball team, which was formed in 1906 against the backdrop of Japanese imperialism.  Starring Song Kang-ho, Kim Hye-soo, Kim Ju-hyuk, Hwang Jeong-min, Lee Dae-yeon, Kim Il-woong, Shin Ku.  Cinematography by Park Hyun-chul.  Produced by Myung Films.  Distributed by CJ Entertainment.  Rating: General.  104 min.  October 3.

Are You a True Guy? ["Namja Tae-eonada"]   Directed by Park Hee-jun.  Screenplay by Lee Chang-ryul.  In 1983, three young men who live on a remote island dream of going to university. A young boxing instructor hopes that through boxing, they will gain the opportunity to pursue their dreams on the mainland.  Starring Lee Won-jong, Jung Jun, Hong Kyung-in, Yeo Hyun-soo, Kim Sarang.  Cinematography by Lee Seok-hyun.  Produced by Twin Entertainment.  Distributed by Gilbert Film Co.  Rating: General.  108 min.  October 11.

Sex of Magic ["Mabeop-ui Seong"]   Written and directed by Bang Sung-woong.  Seong-bin is not impotent, but he cannot satisfy women, leading his girlfriend of two years to break up with him. His girlfriend then begins to date another man.  Starring Koo Bon-seung, Kim Ji-eun, Lee Ju-hyun, Choi Eun-ju, Kim Jin.  Cinematography by Shin Beom-seop.  Produced by Cinefilm.  Distributed by Sinabro Entertainment.  Rating: 18+.  118 min.  October 11.

Saving My Hubby Saving My Hubby ["Gutse-eora Geumsoona"]   Written and directed by Hyun Nam-seop.  A young housewife and former volleyball star gets a call from a group of gangsters who are holding her husband hostage after he couldn't pay a $1400 bill for liquor. Strapping her baby onto her back, she goes out to rescue her husband.  Starring Bae Doona, Kim Tae-woo, Lee Chan-min, Joo Hyuk, Ko Du-shim.  Cinematography by Choi Young-hwan.  Produced by Eins Film.  Distributed by Korea Pictures.  Rating: 12+.  91 min.  October 18.

Roadmovie ["Rodeu mubi"]   Written and directed by Kim In-sik.  A young businessman loses everything in a stock market crash, and abandoned by his wife, takes to living on the street. Another homeless man named Daeshik takes him under his wing and the two set off traveling. A young prostitute joins them on their journey and begins to develop feelings for Daeshik, but soon she realizes that he is in love with his companion.  Starring Hwang Jeong-min, Jeong Chan, Suh Rin, Jeong Hyung-ki, Pang Eun-jin.  Cinematography by Kim Jae-ho.  Produced by Sidus Uno Films.  Distributed by Big Blue Films.  Rating: 18+.  115 min.  October 18.

2424 ["2424"]   Directed by Lee Yeon-woo.  Screenplay by Kim Hyung-jin.  Some thieves lose a huge stash of diamonds while in transport, leading to a frantic search by the police force and a group of gangsters.  Starring Jeon Kwang-ryul, Jung Woong-in, Yeh Ji-won, So Yoo-jin, Kim Rae-won.  Cinematography by Ham Soon-ho.  Produced by JR Pictures.  Distributed by CJ Entertainment.  Rating: 15+.  95 min.  October 18.

Popee ["Bbobbi"]   Written and directed by Kim Ji-hyun.  A film director's dog dies, and partly to console himself he undertakes a series of interviews with other dog owners. An independent film shot on digital video.  Starring Baek Hyun-jin, Oh Yoon-hong, Suh Young-hwa, Park Hyun-young, Lee Jung-pyo, Oh Hyun-ri.  Cinematography by Hwang In.  Produced by Angel Underground.  International sales by Mirovision.  Rating: general.  63 min.  October 18.

Addicted Documentary Hahn Dae Soo ["Dakyumenteori Han Dae-soo"]   Directed by Lee Chun-woo and Jang Ji-wook.  A digitally-shot documentary about Hahn Dae Soo, a singer whose politically charged songs from the 1970s fell foul of the military regime. In 2001, after twenty years of inactivity due to political reasons, he returned to Korea for a concert.  Starring Han Dae-soo, Kim Myung-shin.  Cinematography by Jang Ji-wook, Lee Chun-woo, Lee Do-yoon.  Produced by Cinewise Film.  Rating: 12+.  80 min.  October 18.

Addicted ["Jungdok"]   Directed by Park Young-hoon.  Screenplay by Byun Won-mi, Song Min-ho.  A married couple lives together in a suburban home with the husband's younger brother. One day, separate car accidents that put both brothers into a coma. A year later, the younger man wakes up believing himself to be his older brother.  Starring Lee Byung-heon, Lee Mi-yeon, Lee Eol, Park Sun-young.  Cinematography by Kim Byung-il.  Produced by Cine2000.  Distributed by Showbox.  Rating: 15+.  110 min.  October 25.  (pictured)


Sex Is... ["Sajang-seongeo"]   Written and directed by Lee Ji-sang, Lee Song Hee-il, Yu Sang-gon, Kim Jeong-gu.  Four short works about sex by some of Korea's most well-known independent filmmakers.  Starring Kim Hyun-soo, Nam Kyung-pyo, Park Mi-hyun, Oh Hyun-ji, Park Jae-hyun.  Cinematography by Lee Dong-hoon, Ko Jeong-ho, Park Sang-hoon, Hwang Il.  Distributed by Indiestory.  Rating: 18+.  95 min.  November 1.

Wet Dreams Wet Dreams ["Mongjeonggi"]  Directed by Jung Cho-shin.  Screenplay by Park Chae-woon.  A student teacher comes back to her old school for mandatory teaching practice. She has fallen in love with the teacher who is supervising her, but four of her students, struggling with adolescent desires, have fallen in love with her.  A teenage sex comedy starring Lee Beom-soo, Kim Seon-ah, Noh Hyung-wook, Jeon Jae-hyung, Jung Dae-hoon, Ahn Jae-hong, Shin Hyun-tak.  Cinematography by Suh Jung-min.  Produced by Kang Jegyu Films.  Distributed by A-Line.  Rating: 15+.  96 min.  November 6.  (pictured)

She Brings Us Danger ["Yuadokjon"]   Directed by Hong Jong-oh.  Screenplay by Hong Jong-oh, Bae Hyo-min, Park Kwang-shik.  Three single men who work as martial arts instructors come across an orphaned baby. They take the child into their home, but then they learn she is the daughter of a deceased gang lord.  Starring Park Sang-myun, Lee Won-jong, Ahn Jae-mo, Kim Yoon-kyung, Lee Jae-yong, Choi Hakrak.  Cinematography by Song Haeng-ki.  Produced by Vision Entertainment & C2 Communications.  Distributed by Big Blue Film.  Rating: 15+.  110 min.  November 7.

Ardor ["Milae"]   Directed by Byun Young-joo.  Screenplay by Kim Jae-yeon, Byun Young-joo.  After discovering her husband's infidelity, Mi-heun moves her family to a country village to re-start their lives. While there she meets a local doctor and enters into a sexual relationship with him under the guise of a game.  Starring Kim Yoon-jin, Lee Jong-won, Kye Sung-yong.  Cinematography by Kwon Hyuk-joon.  Produced by Fun & Happiness.  Distributed by Cinema Service.  Rating: 18+.  112 min.  November 8.

Unborn But Forgotten ["Hayanbang"]   Directed by Lim Chang-jae.  Screenplay by Han Hyun-geun.  A Ring-styled movie about a series of women in the same apartment who die after seeing a certain website.  Starring Lee Eun-ju, Jung Jun-ho, Kye Sung-yong.  Cinematography by Park Hee-ju.  Produced by YOU Cinematheque.  Distributed by CJ Entertainment.  Rating: 15+.  95 min.  November 15.

Jail Breakers ["Gwangbokjeol teuksa"]   Directed by Kim Sang-jin.  Screenplay by Park Jeong-woo.  Two long-term prisoners manage to break out of jail by tunneling underneath the prison wall with a spoon. Upon returning back to society, they read in the newspaper that they are scheduled to be pardoned under a special amnesty on the very next day. The desperate warden agrees to pretend nothing happened if they can break back into prison unnoticed.  Starring Sol Kyung-gu, Cha Seung-won, Song Yoon-ah, Kang Sung-jin, Yu Hae-jin.  Cinematography by Jung Kwang-seok.  Produced by Director's Home.  Distributed by Cinema Service.  Rating: 15+.  119 min.  November 21.

Coast Guard The Coast Guard ["Hae-an-seon"]   Written and directed by Kim Ki-duk.  Along the fiercely-guarded sea border near the DMZ, a South Korean soldier on guard duty mistakes a civilian for a spy and shoots him, leading to a vicious cycle of violence and madness.  Starring Jang Dong-gun, Park Ji-ah, Kim Jeong-hak, Yu Hae-jin.  Cinematography by Baek Dong-hyun.  Produced by LJ Films.  Distributed by Korea Pictures.  Rating: 18+.  94 min.  November 22.  (pictured)

Public Toilet ["Hwajangsil, eodieyo?"]   Directed by Fruit Chan.  Screenplay by Fruit Chan and To Kee.  A series of vignettes containing various characters and shot all over the world. Many of the stories are in some way connected to public toilets.  A Korean-HK-Japanese co-production starring Abe Tsuyoshi, Jang Hyuk, Sam Lee, Jo In-sung.  Cinematography by Henry Chung, Lam Wah-Chuen, and Wong Man-wan.  Produced by Digital NEGA.  Distributed by A-Line.  Rating: 12+.  102 min.  November 29.


Too Young To Die ["Jugeodo joh-a"]   Directed by Park Jin-pyo.  Screenplay by Lee Su-mi.  A couple in their seventies meet, fall in love and rediscover sex. A fictional story based on the lives of the film's main actors.  Starring Park Chi-gyu, Lee Soon-ye.  Cinematography by Jung Yong-woo.  Produced by May Film.  Distributed by Big Blue Film.  Rating: 18+.  67 min.  December 6.

A Bizarre Love Triangle ["Cheoleomneun anaewa paranmanjanghan nampyeon geurigo taekwonsonyeo"]   Written and directed by Lee Mu-young.  A woman named Keum-sook goes to prison in place of her best friend, only to discover later that her friend and Keum-sook's boyfriend have hooked up while she was gone.  Starring Kong Hyo-jin, Jo Eun-ji, Choi Kwang-il.  Cinematography by Ko Su-bok.  Produced by EGG Films.  Distributed by New Line Korea.  Rating: 18+.  92 min.  December 6.

The Romantic President ["Piano chineun daetongnyeong"]   Written and directed by Jeon Man-bae.  A new teacher is having problems with an uncooperative student, so she demands to speak to the student's father. Her father turns out to be the president of Korea, however.  Starring Ahn Sung-ki, Choi Ji-woo, Im Su-jeong, Kim Hyung-il, Lee Kang-sook.  Cinematography by Byun Hee-sung.  Produced by Cinewill.  Distributed by CJ Entertainment.  Rating: General.  95 min.  December 6.

Sex is Zero Sex Is Zero ["Saekjeuk-sigong"]   Written and directed by Yoon Je-gyun.  A sex comedy about the misadventures of a man who returns from the military to university, and the aerobics student he falls in love with.  Starring Lim Chang-jung, Ha Ji-won, Choi Seong-guk, Jin Jae-young, Yu Chae-young.  Cinematography by Kim Yong-chul.  Produced by Doosaboo Films, Film Z.  Distributed by Showbox.  Rating: 18+.  96 min.  December 12.  (pictured)

Whisper Princess ["Hwiparam-gongju"]   Directed by Lee Jeong-hwang.  Screenplay by Park Gye-ok.  Action-comedy-melodrama about a South Korean rock drummer who meets the daughter of North Korean leader Kim Jong-il, who is visiting Seoul as a member of an arts troupe.  Starring Kim Hyun-soo, Ji Sung, Park Sang-min, Sung Ji-ru.  Cinematography by Choi Chan-gyu.  Produced by Maro Pictures.  Distributed by Sinabro Entertainment.  Rating: 15+.  106 min.  December 24.

H ["H"]   Directed by Lee Jong-hyuk.  Screenplay by Lee Jong-hyuk, Kim Hwi-jae, Oh Seung-wook.  After a series of vicious murders targeting women, a man confesses to the crimes and turns himself in to the police. However, the following year the murders start up again, with the man still in prison.  Starring Yeom Jung-ah, Cho Seung-woo, Ji Jin-hee. Cinematography by Peter Gray, Choi Jin-woong.  Produced by B.O.M. Film Productions.  Distributed by CJ Entertainment.  Rating: 15+.  110 min.  December 27.

Conduct Zero ["Pumhaeng-jero"]   Directed by Jo Geun-shik.  Screenplay by Lee Hae-joon, Lee Hae-young.  Joong-pil is the toughest student in his high school, but one day his life is thrown into disarray when he falls in love with an A-student, and a challenger comes in the form of a new student with powerful fighting skills.  Starring Ryu Seung-beom, Kong Hyo-jin, Im Eun-kyung, Kim Kwang-il.  Cinematography by Jo Yong-gyu.  Produced by KM Culture.  Distributed by Big Blue Film.  Rating: 15+.  100 min.  December 27.

Ranked Box-Office Results for Seoul

Rank Film Title Admissions Screens Release date
1 Marrying the Mafia 1,604,219 45 Sep 13
2 The Way Home 1,596,521 32 Apr 5
3 Sex is Zero 1,313,570* 41 Dec 13
4 Public Enemy 1,161,500 54 Jan 25
5 Jail Breakers 922,467* 71 Nov 22
6 2009 Lost Memories 882,400 59 Feb 1
7 Phone 765,000 32 Jul 26
8 Wet Dreams 760,698 39 Nov 6
9 Conduct Zero 701,624* 29 Dec 27
10 YMCA Baseball Team 617,500 44 Oct 3
11 Lovers Concerto 589,743 36 Sep 13
12 Champion 567,000 60 Jun 28
13 Oasis 558,046 30 Aug 15
14 Break Out 479,177 33 Jul 17
15 Chihwaseon 443,294 30 May 10
16 Marriage is a Crazy Thing 422,939 32 Apr 26
17 Bet On My Disco 411,513 40 Jun 7
18 Funny Movie 376,085 49 Apr 12
19 Addicted 346,453 52 Oct 25
20 Boss X-File 343,256 47 Sep 6
21 Bad Guy 295,600 22 Jan 11
22 Jungle Juice 285,249 34 Mar 22
23 Oh! Lala Sisters 245,930 41 Apr 26
24 Over the Rainbow 240,110 26 Mar 17
25 No Blood No Tears 228,800 44 Mar 1
26 A Perfect Match 221,105 33 Aug 8
27 No Comment 211,900 31 May 31
28 Make It Big 204,600 30 May 10
29 The Romantic President 181,870 36 Dec 6
30 Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance 164,100 41 Mar 29
31 Ardor 144,602 37 Nov 8
32 Family 134,310 18 Aug 23
33 Turning Gate 127,484 31 Mar 22
34 Yesterday 125,000 37 Jun 13
35 The Coast Guard 121,550 27 Nov 22
36 Can't Live Without Robbery 112,198 39 Sep 27
37 Surprise Party 110,642 25 Jul 5
38 Who Are You? 88,630 8 May 24
39 Three 73,750 19 Aug 23
40 Unborn But Forgotten 72,000 24 Nov 15
41 Resurrection of Little Match Girl 70,700 35 Sep 13
42 2424 69,850 33 Oct 18
43 My Beautiful Girl, Mari 54,404 17 Jan 11
44 Saving My Hubby 41,650 27 Oct 18
45 Emergency Act 19 41,034 25 Jul 19
46 "L'Abri 39,600 27 Mar 8
47 She Brings Us Danger 38,708 16 Nov 7
48 Four Toes 35,187 3 May 17
49 Too Young To Die 30,695* 16 Dec 6
50 H 29,335* 11 Dec 27
51 Iron Palm 28,100 23 Apr 19
52 Dig Or Die 18,100 21 Jun 21
53 Roadmovie 16,009 12 Oct 18
54 Are You Ready? 15,800 20 Jul 12
55 Mago 14,652 14 Jun 13
56 Sex of Magic 13,947 18 Oct 11
57 Whisper Princess 12,350 12 Dec 25
58 Saulabi 12,000 17 Feb 23
59 Love Me Once Again 2002 11,248 19 May 31
60 A.F.R.I.K.A. 9,800 9 Jan 11
61 Are You a True Guy? 7,005 17 Oct 11
62 A Bizarre Love Triangle 6,400 17 Dec 6
63 Beauty In Dream 4,461 11 Apr 5
64 Public Toilet 2,264 5 Nov 29
65 The Bird That Stops in the Air 1,130 1 Mar 1
66 My Beautiful Days 1,034 2 Mar 15
67 Looking For Bruce Lee 898 1 Jan 26
68 Chow Yun-Fat Boy Meets... 840 1 Aug 31
69 Yellow Flower 536 1 Sep 19
70 Camel(s) 420 1 Sep 27
71 Sex Is... 420 1 Nov 1
72 Turn It Up 200 2 Feb 24
x Popee n/a 1 Oct 18
x Documentary Hahn Dae-soo n/a 1 Oct 18

* Includes admissions from 2003.

All figures are provided by KOFIC, and represent Seoul only (which may not be an accurate reflection of nationwide admissions).

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