Commercial Releases in 2001

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I Wish I Had a Wife ["Na-do anae-ga isseoss-eu-myeon johketta"]   Directed by Park Heung-shik.  A romantic comedy focused on a lonely bank teller who wants to get marries, and the teacher who works in a learning institute next door.  Starring Sol Kyung-gu, Jeon Do-yeon, Jin Hee-kyung, Seo Tae-hwa, Heo Jang-geun, Min Kyung-jin, Jeon Gwang-ryeol.  Produced by Sidus.  Distributed by Cinema Service.  Rating: 15+.  106 min.  January 13.

Tears Tears ["Nunmul"]   Written and directed by Im Sang-soo.  A tale of four street kids, loosely based on the director's observations while living in Garibong-dong, Seoul.  Starring Han Jun, Bong Tae-gyu, Jo Eun-ji, Kim Seon-hwa, Seong Ji-roo, Lee Bong-gyu, Kwon Nam-hee, Im Sang-soo, Kim Eung-su.  Produced by b.o.m. film productions.  Distributed by CJ Entertainment.  Rating: 18+.  103 min.  January 20.

A Day ["Haru"]   Directed by Han Ji-seung.  A young married couple are fraught with anxiety due to their difficulties in having a child. When at last the wife gets pregnant, they are overjoyed, but tragic news lies ahead.  Starring Ko So-young, Lee Sung-jae, Kim Chang-wan, Yoon So-jeong, Kim Seon-hwa, Yu Tae-ho, Hong Yu-jin, Kwon Hae-hyo.  Produced by Koo & Film.  Distributed by Cinema Service.  Rating: 15+.  112 min.  January 20.

Yonggary 2001 ["2001 Yonggari"]   Directed by Shim Hyung-rae.  A new edit of the 1999 film Yonggary with improved special effects. Shot in English.  Starring Harrison Young, Richard Livingston, etc.  Produced by Zeronine Entertainment.  Distributed by AFDF.  Rating: General.  99 min.  January 20.


Bungee Jumping on Their Own Bungee Jumping of Their Own ["Beonji-jeompeu-reul hada"]   Directed by Kim Dae-seung.  Two university students fall in love in 1983, but on the night the man must leave for the military, the woman disappears and they never see each other again. Seventeen years later the man is now a high school teacher, and one of his male students bears an uncanny resemblance to his old girlfriend.  Starring Lee Byung-heon, Lee Eun-ju, Yeo Hyun-soo, Hong Su-hyun, Lee Beom-soo, Jeon Mi-seon, Ki Joo-bong, Kim Gap-soo, Oh Ji-hae.  Produced by Noon Entertainment.  Distributed by Buena Vista International Korea.  Rating: 15+.  99 min.  February 3.

Running Seven Dogs ["Ch'il-in-ui Se-byuk"]   Written and directed by Kim Joo-man.  A taxi driver accidentally comes across a bag of money, which he takes for himself. He leaves it with his girlfriend who works at a convenience store, but soon the owners of the money come looking.  Starring Lee Ji-hyun, Jung So-young, Sung Dong-il.  Produced by Ed Wood Film and Y2 Cinema.  Distributed by Film Bank.  Rating: 18+.  98 min.  February 3.

The Rhapsody ["Kwang-shi-gok"]   Directed by Jang Hoon.  An anti-terrorist squad is ordered to steal information from the Defence Department, but after completing their mission they realize that a corrupt politician is pulling the strings. Min-shik, a member of the squad, and Ji-young, his blind sister, get caught up in the ensuing struggle.  Starring Jang Dong-jik, Kim Yoo-seok, and Park Eh-jin.  Produced by CineEye.  Distributed by Columbia Tristar.  Rating: 15+.  102 min.  February 10.

Making Sun-Dried Red Peppers Making Sun-Dried Red Peppers ["Go-ch'u-mal-li-gi"]   Directed by Jang Hee-sun.  A docu-drama shot in director Jang Hee-sun's own home, starring her real-life mother and grandmother and an actress playing the part of Jang. A straightforward portrayal of ordinary life.  Starring Park Joon-myun, Sul Jung-won, and Choi Chul-soo.  Distributed by  Rating: General.  54 min.  February 10.

Dream of a Warrior ["Chun-sa-mong"]   Written and directed by Park Hee-joon.  In a futuristic world, soldier Sung-jin is asked to utilize a special time machine to rescue a scientist's lost daughter. Fate has it that the daughter looks just like a princess in the soldier's dreams.  Starring Hong Kong star Leon Lai, Park Eun-hye and Lee Na-young.  Produced by Junior Power Pictures.  Distributed by Hanmac Films.  Rating: 12+.  108 min.  February 17.


Club Butterfly ["Keul-leob Beo-teo-p'eul-la-yi"]   Directed by Kim Jae-su.  A young married couple face problems at home, at work and in bed. Meanwhile, they keep receiving anonymous emails promoting Club Butterfly, an organization devoted to recreational spouse-swapping.  Starring Kim Young-ho, Anita and Yoon Dong-hwan.  Produced by Cinerock Pictures.  Distributed by Cinema Service.  Rating: 18+.  96 min.  March 3.

Love Her ["Geu-nyeo-ae-gae Cham-deul-da"]   Directed by Park Sung-il.  An adaption of the French film Betty Blue (1986) by Jean-Jacques Beineix, about a man who falls in love with a woman who has psychological problems.  Starring Kim Tae-yeon, Lee Joo-hyun, Kwon Min-joong.  Produced by Film Z.  Distributed by CJ Entertainment.  Rating: 18+.  95 min.  March 17.

Last Present Last Present ["Seon-mul"]   Directed by Oh Ki-hwan.  A struggling comedian and his wife have been on strained terms ever since the couple's miscarriage. As the pressures of money and their failing marriage build up, they receive a piece of shocking news.  Starring Lee Young-ae, Lee Jung-jae, Gong Hyung-jin, Lee Moon-shik, Kwon Hae-hyo, Lee Moo-hyun, Kim Soo-ro.  Produced by Fun and Happiness.  Distributed by Cinema Service.  Rating: 15+.  113 min.  March 24.

Friend ["Chingu"]   Written and directed by Kwak Kyung-taek.  Based on the real-life experiences of the director, a story of four childhood friends who grow older and drift apart due to differing backgrounds and the influence of organized crime.  Starring Yoo Oh-sung, Jang Dong-gun, Seo Tae-hwa, Jung Woon-taek, Kim Bo-kyung, Joo Hyun, Ki Joo-bong, Lee Jae-yong, Kang Shin-il.  Produced by Cineline II.  Distributed by Korea Pictures.  Rating: 18+.  117 min.  March 31.


Twenty ["Seu-mu-sal"]   Directed by Shin Jung-kyun.  Depicts the sexual awakening of a girl in junior high school, based on a real-life incident involving an explicit videotape made by a group of junior high school students.  Starring Lee Ha-na and Seo Jin-won.  Produced by Intercinema.  Distributed by Shin Film.  Rating: 18+.  97 min.  April 21.

Failan ["Pa-i-ran"]   Directed by Song Hae-sung.  Screenplay by Song Hye-sung, An Sang-hoon, Kim Hae-gon.  A Chinese emigrant living in Korea agrees to a false marriage to avoid being deported. Her husband, whom she has never met, is a low-ranking gangster who gets mixed up in a crime committed by his boss. One day he receives a letter from his wife, thanking him for his kindness.  Starring Choi Min-shik, Cecilia Cheung, Son Byeong-ho, Gong Hyeong-jin, Kim Su-hyun, Min Kyung-jin, Kim Hae-gon.  Produced by Tube Pictures.  Distributed by Tube Entertainment.  Rating: 15+.  115 min.  April 28.


The King ["Deo King"]   Directed by Lee Choong-young and Richard S. Kim.  An animated film based on the biblical story of David and King Saul.  A Korean-U.S. coproduction between Toonipark and High Praise.  Distributed by Film Bank.  Rating: General.  75 min.  May 5.

Indian Summer Indian Summer ["In-di-an Sseom-meo"]   Directed by Noh Hyo-jung.  A woman accused of killing her husband refuses to defend herself in court. Her lawyer, appointed by the state, becomes intrigued by her case, and eventually falls in love with her.  Starring Lee Mi-yeon, Park Shin-yang, Jang Yong, Son Byeong-ho, Choi Jeong-woo, Park Jeong-hwan, Kim Yong-hee.  Produced by Sidus.  Distributed by Cinema Service.  Rating: 15+.  104 min.  May 5.

The Humanist ["Hyu-meo-ni-seu-teu"]   Directed by Lee Mu-young.  Screenplay by Lee Mu-young and Park Chan-wook.  The son of a rich businessman co-opts his two friends into kidnapping his father for a ransom.  An ultra-gross black comedy starring Park Sang-myun, An Jae-mo, Kang Sung-jin, Park Young-gyu.  Cinematography by Byun Hee-sung.  Produced by Bear Entertainment.  Distributed by Columbia Tristar.  Rating: 18+.  95 min.  May 12.

Prison World Cup ["Gyo-do-so Wol-deu-keob"]   Written and directed by Pang Sung-woong.  A UN-sponsored soccer tournament for prisoners induces Korea to hold a competition among 16 prisons to select a representative. The warden of Wonju prison is forced to assemble a team with some of the nation's worst misfits.  Starring Jung Jin-young, Jo Jae-hyun, Hwang In-sung, Park In-hwan, etc.  Cinematography by Shin Beom-sup.  Produced by Shincine.  Distributed by CJ Entertainment.  Rating: 15+.  104 min.  May 19.

Summer Time ["Sseom-meo-ta-im"]   Directed by Park Jae-ho.  Screenplay by Yoo Gap-yeol.  A student activist moves into an attic room in a small town, where he discovers a hole in the floor. After spying on the woman downstairs, the wife of a policeman, he enters her apartment and embarks on an affair with her. Set in the 1980s. A remake of the mid-1980s Philippine film Scorpio Nights by Peque Gallaga.  Starring singer/actress Kim Ji-hyun, Ryu Su-young, Choi Chul-ho.  Cinematography by Shin Hyun-joong.  Produced by Sidus.  Distributed by Cinema Service.  Rating: 18+.  103 min.  May 26.

Tearful Story ["Gohae"]   Directed by Kim Jung-jin.  Screenplay by Han Chang-hak.  A single man begins taking care of his 7-year old daughter after the death of her grandmother, with whom she used to live. At first he grapples with the everyday challenges of raising a daughter, but more serious challenges lie ahead.  Starring Yoon Da-hoon, Sol Su-jin, Kim Ji-sun.  Cinematography by Jung Jung-hoon.  Produced by Taein Megamedia.  Distributed by AFDF.  Rating: General.  100 min.  May 26.


Address Unknown Address Unknown ["Suchui-inbulmyung"]   Written and directed by Kim Ki-duk.  A group of adolescents growing up adjacent to a U.S. military base struggle with the continuing legacy of the war. A young girl becomes romantically involved with an American soldier who promises to pay for an operation on her eye. A half-Korean man is despised for his racial background, while his mother continues to write letters to her son's father in the U.S., despite that they all come back stamped "Address Unknown."  Starring Yang Dong-keun, Ban Min-jung, Kim Young-min, Jo Jae-hyun, Pang Eun-jin, Myung Kay-nam, Mitch Malum.  Cinematography by Seo Jung-min.  Produced by LJ Film Co.  Distributed by Tube Entertainment.  Rating: 18+.  117 min.  June 2.

Kick the Moon ["Silla-ui Dalbam"]   Directed by Kim Sang-jin.  Screenplay by Park Jung-woo.  Two former high school classmates run into each other years later in Kwangju. After some initial niceties, their old rivalry flares up over the beautiful owner of a local restaurant.  Starring Lee Sung-jae, Cha Seung-won, Kim Hye-soo, Lee Jong-soo, Lee Won-jong, Jo Sang-geon, Seong Ji-roo, Yu Hae-jin, Kang Sung-jin, Kim Soo-ro.  Cinematography by Jung Kwang-seok.  Produced by Fun & Happiness.  Distributed by Cinema Service.  Rating: 15+.  118 min.  June 23.


Yellow Hair 2 ["Norang Mori 2"]   a.k.a. "Running Blue."  Written and directed by Kim Yoo-min.  J, a nightclub singer and Y, a convenience store clerk are forced to go on the run after an outbreak of violence at the convenience store. The two become closer, but J has a secret which she is reluctant to reveal.  Starring transgender star Ha Ri-soo, Shin Yi, Mo Heung-jin, Yun Chan, Jo Byeong-ki, Park Yong-beom.  Cinematography by Lee Kang-min and Kim Dong-eun.  Produced and distributed by Fiction Bank.  Sold internationally by Cinema Service.  Rating: 18+.  102 min.  July 21.

My Sassy Girl ["Yeopgi-jeogin geunyeo"]   Written and directed by Kwak Jae-yong.  An ingratiating young university student meets a young beauty whose bizarre antics and violent behavior leave him confused and in love.  Starring Jeon Ji-hyun, Cha Tae-hyun, Kim Il-woo, Kim In-moon, Song Ok-sook, Han Jin-hee, Hyun Sook-hee, Yu Soon-cheol.  Cinematography by Kim Sung-bok.  Produced by Shincine.  Distributed by Cinema Service and IM Pictures.  Sold internationally by Mirovision.  Rating: 15+.  123 min.  July 27.


Sorum Sorum ["Soreum"]   Written and directed by Yoon Jong-chan.  A man moves into a run-down apartment and develops a romantic interest in his neighbor, a woman abused by her husband.  A horror film starring Kim Myung-min, Chang Jin-young, Ki Joo-bong, Jo An, Kim Ki-cheon, Kim Tae-hyung, Lee Han-wi, Lee Chan-young.  Cinematography by Hwang Seo-sik.  Produced by DreamMax.  Distributed by Buena Vista International Korea.  Rating: 18+.  109 min.  August 4.

Turtle Hero ["Byeoljubu Hero"]   Directed by Kim Duk-ho.  Screenplay by Lee Keum-ju.  An animated feature about a turtle who leaves on a quest to find a rabbit's liver that will cure the King of the Sea.  Produced by Hanshin Corporation.  Distributed by Buena Vista International Korea.  Rating: General.  90 min.  August 11.

Say Yes ["Sae-yi Yaeseu"]   Directed by Kim Sung-hong.  Screenplay by Yeo Hye-young.  A happy young couple find themselves the victim of a strange, frightening man who begins to follow them on their vacation.  A horror film starring Park Joong-hoon, Choo Sang-mi, Kim Ju-hyuk, Ki Joo-bong, Ryu Seung-soo, Lee Seok-gu, Lee Chan-young.  Cinematography by Lee Dong-sam.  Produced by Hwang Ki-sung Corp.  Distributed by Cinema Service.  Rating: 18+.  105 min.  August 17.

I Love You ["Ai-reobeu-yu"]   Written and directed by Mun Hee-yung.  A woman named Hyun-soo runs into an old classmate Jihu after many years. Jihu is in anguish after his girlfriend commits suicide, and Hyun-soo tries to comfort him.  Starring Kim Nam-joo, Oh Ji-ho, Lee Seo-jin and Suh Rin.  Cinematography by Heo Sung-rong.  Produced by Cream Entertainment and Mythos Film.  Distributed by AFDF.  Rating: 18+.  90 min.  August 25.

Besa Me Mucho ["Bae-sa-mae-mu-chyo"]   Written and directed by Jeon Yoon-su.  A family faced with severe financial problems must decide how far they are willing to go to find a solution.  Starring Lee Mi-sook, Jeon Kwang-ryul, Han Myung-gu, Hong Seung-hee, Jo Won-hee, Kim Seo-hyung, Heo Ki-ho, Jang Hyun-sung.  Cinematography by Park Hee-joo.  Produced by KangJeGyu Film.  Distributed by Sinabro Entertainment and KangJeGyu Film.  Rating: 18+.  110 min.  August 31.


Musa Musa ["Musa"]   Written and directed by Kim Sung-su.  A period epic set in 14th-century China about a group of Koryo (Korean) envoys who are arrested and sent into exile by the Ming. On their way back to Korea, they manage to rescuse a Ming princess from the rival Mongol forces. Note that a new international version has recently been made, which is significantly shorter.  Starring Jung Woo-sung, Joo Jin-mo, Zhang Ziyi, Ahn Sung-ki, Woo Young-kwang, Lee Doo-il, Park Yong-woo, Yu Hae-jin.  Cinematography by Kim Hyung-gu.  Produced by Sidus.  Distributed by CJ Entertainment.  Rating: 15+.  157 min.  September 7.

My Wife is a Gangster ["Jopok-manura"]   Directed by Jo Jin-kyu.  Screenplay by Kang Hyo-jin and Kim Moon-sung.  A female gang boss is persuaded by her long-lost, dying sister to get married. Eventually she finds an insecure, naive man who marries her without knowing anything about her life as a gangster.  Starring Shin Eun-kyung, Park Sang-myun, Ahn Jae-mo, Kim In-kwon, Jang Se-jin, Choi Eun-ju, Shim Won-chul, Myung Kay-nam, Kim In-moon.  Cinematography by Jeon Jo-myung.  Produced by Hyunjin Film Co. and Suh Se-won Productions.  Distributed by Korea Pictures.  Rating: 15+.  107 min.  September 28.

One Fine Spring Day ["Bomnareun Ganda"]   Directed by Hur Jin-ho.  A sound engineer and a radio producer fall in love while recording the sounds of nature for a radio program.  Starring Yoo Ji-tae, Lee Young-ae, Park In-hwan, Shin Shin-ae, Baek Jong-hak, Lee Moon-shik, Lee Beom-soo.  Cinematography by Kim Hyung-gu.  Produced by Sidus (Korea), Shochiku (Japan) and Applause Pictures (Hong Kong).  Distributed by Cinema Service.  Rating: 15+.  106 min.  September 28.


Guns & Talks ["Killeodeul-ui Suda"]   Written and directed by Jang Jin. Four hired killers live and work together in harmony, until they accept a job which is a bit more risky than what they are used to. A comedy starring Shin Hyun-jun, Jung Jae-young, Shin Ha-kyun, Jung Jin-young, Won Bin, Oh Seung-hyun, Kong Hyo-jin, Goh Eun-mi, Ryoo Seung-beom, Im Won-hee.  Cinematography by Hong Kyung-pyo.  Produced and distributed by Cinema Service.  Rating: 15+.  120 min.  October 12.

Take Care of My Cat Take Care of My Cat ["Goyangi-reul Butak-hae"]   Written and directed by Jeong Jae-eun.  The story of five young women from Incheon who have just graduated from high school. As they cope with the challenges of adulthood, their friendship becomes strained by their differing dreams and circumstances.  Starring Bae Doona, Lee Yo-won, Ok Ji-young, Lee Eun-shil, Lee Eun-ju, Kim Soo-hyun.  Cinematography by Choi Young-hwan.  Produced by Masulpiri Pictures.  Distributed by Warner Brothers Korea.  Rating: 12+.  111 min.  October 13.

Nabi ["Nabi"]   a.k.a. "The Butterfly"  Written and directed by Moon Seung-wook.  In a near future where acid rain and lead poisoning have ravaged the population, a mysterious virus which causes memory loss becomes the center of a new tourist industry targeted to those with painful memories. A woman of Korean descent arrives from Germany to erase her past.  Starring Kim Ho-jung, Kang Hye-jung and Jang Hyun-sung.  Cinematography by Kwon Hyuk-jun.  Produced by D-Production.  Distributed by Buena Vista International Korea.  Rating: 15+.  116 min.  October 13.

The Scent of Love ["Ip-se"]   Directed by Kim Jung-shik.  Screenplay by Kye Yoon-shik.  An electrical worker tears down 'Missing Person' posters from the telephone poles that he works on. Meanwhile, a young woman stubbornly puts them back up in hopes of finding her younger brother. Eventually the electrical worker and the young woman meet...  Starring Park Jung-chul, Choi Yoo-jung, Pang Eun-jin.  Cinematography by Lee Ki-tae.  Produced by Young Venture Cinema.  Distributed by Dong-A Import Co.  Rating: 15+.  90 min.  October 20.

Waikiki Brothers ["Waikiki Beu-ra-deo-seu"]   Written and directed by Yim Soon-rye.  A band named the Waikiki Brothers travels the country in search of gigs, eventually settling in the hometown of the lead singer. While there he must cope with how life has changed for him and his former circle of friends.  Starring Lee Eol, Hwang Jeong-min, Park Won-sang, Oh Ji-hye, Ryoo Seung-beom, Oh Gwang-rok, Han Ki-joong, Park Hae-il.  Cinematography by Choi Ji-yeol.  Produced by Myung Film.  Distributed by CJ Entertainment.  Rating: 18+.  109 min.  October 27.


Ray Bang Ray Bang ["Rai Bang"]   Directed by Jang Hyun-soo.  Screenplay by Song Min-ho and Jang Hyun-soo.  The story of three taxi drivers and their struggles with work, life, and money. When their supervisor runs off without paying back the money he borrowed, the three devise a desperate plan.  Starring Kim Hae-gon, Jo Jun-hyung, Choi Hak-lak, Lee Seung-jin, Hong So-young, Im Mi-ryeong, Song Ok-sook, Choi Jeong-woo.  Cinematography by Noh Hyo-man.  Produced by Shinhwa Film.  Distributed and sold internationally by Mirovision.  Rating: 18+.  91 min.  November 2.

Hera Purple ["Haera Peopeul"]   Written and directed by Jung Kil-chae.  A woman goes to see a psychiatrist, plagued by memories she can't recall. While under hypnosis, it is revealed that she is possessed by a strange force that impels her to voraciously pursue men, have sex with them and kill them. This film was rejected by the ratings board on several occasions before finally being approved this fall.  Starring Kim Chung, Lee Se-chang, Hong Seok-chun.  Cinematography by Heo Eung-hoe.  Produced by Jung Kil-chae.  Distributed by Sinabro Entertainment.  Rating: 18+.  89 min.  November 3.

Hi, Dharma! ["Dalmaya Nolja"]   Directed by Park Chul-kwan.  Screenplay by Park Kyu-tae.  A group of gangsters are forced to go into hiding, so they take refuge at a remote Buddhist temple. While there, they come into conflict with the resident monks, who want nothing more than for them to leave.  Starring Park Shin-yang, Jung Jin-young, Park Sang-myun, Kim Soo-ro, Kang Sung-jin, Hong Kyung-in, etc.  Cinematography by Park Hee-ju.  Produced and distributed by Cineworld.  Sold internationally by Cineclick Asia.  Rating: 12+.  95 min.  November 7.

RUN=DIM ["Reondim: Naeseoseu-ui Banran"]   Directed by Han Ok-rye.  A computer-animated film set in the year 2050, when nuclear war has resulted in all of the earth being submerged under water. The film charts the efforts of a group called Green Front to combat a ring of criminals who pollute the oceans with nuclear waste and hope to gain control of the planet.  Starring the voices of Kim Jung-hyun, So Yu-jin.  Produced by Digital Dream Studios.  Distributed by Cinema Service.  Rating: General.  83 min.  November 10.

Last Witness The Last Witness ["Heuk-su-seon"]   Written and directed by Bae Chang-ho.  A detective in Seoul is assigned to a strange murder case involving a man in his 70s. While investigating, he finds a diary which recounts events during the Korean War which continue to shape the lives of those involved 50 years later.  Starring Lee Jung-jae, Lee Mi-yeon, Ahn Sung-ki, Jung Jun-ho, Kang Sung-jin, Jeon Won-ju, Kim Soo-ro, Lee Dae-yeon.  Cinematography by Kim Yoon-su.  Produced by Taewon Entertainment.  Distributed by Cinema Service.  Rating: 12+.  101 min.  November 16.

Wanee and Junah ["Wani-wa Junha"]   Written and directed by Kim Yong-kyun.  Wanee, an animator, and her new boyfriend Junah are living together. Their relationship is put to a test, however, by a visit from an old friend and the return of Wanee's stepbrother from Europe.  Featuring two animated sequences created by Lee Jong-hyuk (who created the poster for The Gingko Bed).  Starring Kim Hee-sun, Joo Jin-mo, Cho Seung-woo, Choi Kang-hee, Kim Gwang-rim, Lee Hye-sook.  Cinematography by Hwang Ki-seok.  Produced by Generation Blue Films.  Distributed by Warner Brothers Korea.  Rating: 15+.  114 min.  November 23.

Flower Island ["Kkot-seom"]   Written and directed by Song Ilgon.  Three women, each recovering from some form of trauma, find themselves stranded together on a mountain. They decide to take a trip to Flower Island, a place where they believe all their wounds can be healed.  A slightly longer early version of this film was screened at the Venice Film Festival.  Starring Suh Ju-hee, Im Yoo-jin, Kim Hye-na, Baek Hyun-jin, Son Byeong-ho.  Cinematography by Kim Myung-joon.  Produced by C & Film.  Distributed by SRE Corporation.  Rating: 18+.  114 min.  November 24.


Paradise Villa ["Paradaiseu billa"]   Written and directed by Park Chong-won.  A series of murders are committed in seven rooms of a housing complex during the quarterfinal match between Korea and Japan in the 2002 World Cup.  Starring Cho Han-jun, Ha Yoo-mi, Lee Jin-woo.  Cinematography by Jin Young-hwan.  Produced by Cine Vision.  Distributed by Sinabro Entertainment.  Rating: 18+.  98 min.  December 8.

Volcano High Volcano High ["Hwasango"]   Directed by Kim Tae-gyun.  Screenplay by Suh Dong-hun, Jung An-chul.  A contemporary martial arts/fantasy about a high school for students with supernatural powers. One day a new student transfers in, after being expelled from eight previous schools. This time, he's determined to graduate.  Starring Jang Hyuk, Shin Min-ah, Kwon Sang-soo, Kim Soo-ro, Huh Jun-ho, Gong Hyo-jin, Byun Hee-bong, Jeong Sang-hoon.  Cinematography by Choi Young-taek.  Produced by Sidus Corp.  Distributed by Cinema Service.  Rating: 12+.  116 min.  December 8.

My Boss, My Hero ["Dusabu-ilche"]   Written and directed by Yoon Je-gyun.  A gang boss succeeds in taking over all of downtown Seoul, but he soon develops a complex about his lack of education. Finally his superior tells him to go back to high school to get his degree.  Starring Jung Jun-ho, Jung Woong-in, Jung Woon-taek.  Cinematography by Hwang Chul-hyun.  Produced by Zenith Entertainment.  Distributed by CJ Entertainment.  Rating: 18+.  98 min.  December 8.

Out of Justice ["Yigeoshi beobida"]   Directed by Min Byung-jin.  Screenplay by Kim Moon-sung.  A string of dead bodies with tarot cards present a particularly tough and divisive case for a group of detectives.  Starring Kim Min-jong, Shin Eun-kyung, Im Won-hee, Joo Hyun.  Cinematography by Suh Jung-min.  Produced and distributed by AFDF Korea.  International sales by Mirovision.  Rating: 18+.  109 min.  December 21.

Ranked Box-Office Results for Seoul

Rank Film Title Admissions Screens Release date
1 Friend 2,579,900 59 Mar 31
2 My Sassy Girl 1,761,100 46 Jul 27
3 Kick the Moon 1,605,200 53 Jun 23
4 My Wife is a Gangster 1,465,600 43 Sep 28
5 Hi, Dharma! 1,306,400 59 Nov 8
6 My Boss, My Hero 1,215,900* n/a Dec 8
7 Guns & Talks 896,500 50 Oct 12
8 Musa 873,600 78 Sep 7
9 Volcano High 613,300* 66 Dec 8
10 Bungee Jumping Of Their Own 507,400 31 Feb 3
11 Last Present 461,750 42 Mar 24
12 The Last Witness 414,200 50 Nov 16
13 Indian Summer 394,032 29 May 5
14 One Fine Spring Day 383,300 41 Sep 28
15 A Day 294,950 20 Jan 20
16 I Wish I Had a Wife 282,400 32 Jan 13
17 Besame Mucho 248,000 34 Aug 31
18 Failan 229,872 31 Apr 28
19 Wanee and Junah 97,900 29 Nov 23
20 Waikiki Brothers 87,700 18 Oct 26
21 Out of Justice 87,210* n/a Dec 21
22 Sorum 80,700 10 Aug 4
23 Summer Time 80,299 20 May 25
24 Say Yes 55,200 27 Aug 17
25 Prison World Cup 38,100 19 May 18
26 The Humanist 32,140 20 May 12
27 Tears 27,900 17 Jan 20
28 Take Care of My Cat 27,838 19 Oct 13
29 Yellow Hair 2 26,440 14 Jul 21
30 Club Butterfly 25,800 24 Mar 3
31 RUN=DIM 22,600 18 Nov 9
32 Dream of an Angel 13,900 12 Feb 17
33 Address Unknown 10,048 15 Jun 2
34 2001 Yonggary 9,300 6 Jan 20
35 Love Her 8,600 22 Mar 17
36 Turtle Hero 7,516 7 Aug 11
37 The King 7,365 2 May 5
38 The Rhapsody 7,000 15 Feb 10
39 Nabi 5,700 10 Oct 13
40 Flower Island 5,019 3 Nov 24
41 I Love You 3,700 5 Aug 25
42 Ray Bang 3,100 6 Nov 2
43 Paradise Villa 2,500 7 Nov 8
44 Running Seven Dogs 2,100 6 Feb 3
45 Hera Purple 1,314 9 Nov 3
46 Twenty 1,300 2 Apr 21
47 "Geochu Bulpae" 1,011 1 Aug 25
48 Tearful Story 822 3 May 25
49 "Geondal-ui Beobchik" 813 1 Jun 23
50 Making Sun-Dried Red Peppers 550 1 Feb 10
51 The Scent of Love 504 4 Oct 20

* Includes admissions from 2002.

All figures for screens and admissions are provided by KOFIC, and represent Seoul only
(which may not be an accurate reflection of nationwide performance).

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