Darcy's Photo Book

Family portrait, 2000

This is my family all together in the summer of 2000. From the left you see me, my wife Hyeon-sook, my sister Sue, my sister Dawn, my father, my grandmother, and my mother. My mother and grandmother are both originally from Montreal, so they have a Canadian flag.

Home in Hardwick

This is our home in Hardwick, Massachusetts - it's an old farm house from the 19th century. Hardwick is a small town about 2,000 people. We moved there from Hopkinton, MA in 1985.


My grandmother Ruth, taking a walk by the Quabbin Reservoir. She passed away in 2004.

Hyeon-sook, Sorak Mountains 2000

My wife (then-fiancee) Hyeon-sook, on a trip to Sorak Mountains in 2000.

Wedding in Korea

This was taken at our wedding, on January 14, 2001 (a traditional Korean wedding).

Wedding in the US

Since many friends and family couldn't come to our wedding in Seoul, we had a second ceremony at home in June 2001.

Montreal, 2002

On a trip to Montreal in 2002 to visit relatives. My uncle Billy Georgette is at the piano.

Christmas 2003

Taken for the 2003 Christmas card, in Hardwick.

Jamie, three days

Our son Jamie was born on December 14, 2004. He was three days old in this photo.

Hyeon-sook and Jamie, July 2005

Hyeon-sook and Jamie in July 2005, when he was seven months old.

Jamie, thirteen months

Jamie at 13 months.

Puchon Film Festival, July 2006

At the Puchon Fantastic Film Festival, July 2006.

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