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Last updated: 18 June 2000

This webpage was originally created by Michael Rawdon, a frequent contributor to the Bosox Mailing List. It provides statistics and commentary for Red Sox minor league players drafted since 1993.

In 1993, Wayne Britton took charge of Boston's previously neglected scouting operation. In the following year, General Manager Dan Duquette was hired to overhaul the existing development program and create a system that would produce enough prospects to perenially compete for the World Championship. This website aims to chart their efforts and give preliminary indications of the system's successes and failures.

Information for these players is listed below, grouped by draft year. Statistics are taken from the STATS, Inc. Minor League Handbooks, or any other available source. Minor league information is relatively hard to come by, so sometimes a bit of guesswork is involved; i.e. a player's lack of playing time may result from either injury or a lack of organizational confidence. Often, only the number of at-bats is available.

In April 1998, Michael Rawdon turned these pages over to me. Since then I have endeavored to turn this into more of a community project, and so contributors for each draft year are marked below. In a few places we have left original commentary by Michael; these are marked by [MR].

Enjoy! Please send all comments or questions to

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For historical data on the Red Sox' minor league affiliates since 1993, click here. This data is useful for determining if a prospect in a given year was better or worse than average for his league, and whether the park was a factor in his stats. Unfortunately, STATS did not publish park factors for 1998, so they will not be listed for that season.

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